A Dose of Drs. E+P: 2024 New Year’s Resolutions to NOT Keep!

Every year we make the same resolutions – exercise more, drink less, eat healthier, blah blah blah – and for a solid three days we nail it. This year we’re taking a different approach. Dr. E and Dr. P share a few things they’re refusing to give up. What will you commit to NOT doing this year??


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    Happy New Year dr E, Dr P, and your team. This program has helped me learn to take care of my diabetes and appreciate the highs and lows. I am very much interested in attending one of your in-person conferences

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      Hi Perla,
      This year we will have our ONE conference in San Diego the weekend of August 16th, and we have two virtual conferences scheduled for May 4th and November 2nd. Hope you can attend one or all!

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    McDonald’s dose have the best diet coke or coke zero! It’s the syrup/carbonation ratio.

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    I am going to work at taking my insulin via pump 15-30 minutes prior to eating. I am terrible at the timing. This will make a difference I hope in my range numbers. I am also working at maintaining a blood sugars that are within my range and accepting that if close to 200 that is not bad. Keeping sugars below 215 and stopping the over 300 sugars. In know it is what I am eating of giving myself my insulin at teh coorect time prior to eating.

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      Most of us are terrible at timing insulin! It’s a constant work in progress. Great goals to have though, and any progress is good progress!

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    My goal this year is to have an at least 100% TIR for one day. I’m almost 13 and I have T1D since I was 9 and I’ve been very close-my closest was a 98% last week!

  5. Amy Wolk

    My goal is to continue motivating and challenging my patients who have diabetes and also making time for my own diabetes! I plan to get back on my bike a couple days a week and restart basic weight training. Time for some realistic doable goals. Thanks for the nudge to stay realistic and keep a positive attitude.

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      Thanks for sharing your goals, Amy, and thank you for what you do in helping others with diabetes!

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    Is there a place on your website to ask questions? I am scheduled for a colonoscopy this month and am worried a lot about the prep and not being able to eat on the last day.

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      Hi Ann,
      You’re always welcome to ask questions via the blog. We’ll check with Dr. Edelman regarding your question and post his reply back here, and also send an email to you in case you don’t see his comment.

    • In general, people with diabetes do pretty well, but it’s hard to give specific advice without knowing if you have type 1 or type 2 and what therapy you’re on, especially insulin. If you have type 1 and you’re on a hybrid closed-loop system, you can set it for exercise mode so it shoots for a higher level. If you’re not on an HCL system, then you can decrease the basal rate of your pump or decrease the basal dose of your long-acting insulin and give little bits of insulin if you get high. If you start getting low, then you can drink clear liquids that contain sugar. Having a CGM will be helpful to see where your blood sugar is going. Regarding not being able to eat the day of prep, usually you can still eat some food items like jello and popsicles (not red) but your doctor’s office should give you a list of instructions.

      If you’re on a sulfonylurea like glipizide or glyburide, then you may want to stop that a day before, but definitely speak with your doctor.

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