Artificial Sweeteners: How They Measure Up

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    This must be quite old as you don’t include Xylitol or Erythritol in this talk.

    I’m also surprised that you aren’t warning people away from Aspartame. I was having arthritic
    symptoms when I was using equal (and not even overusing it).

    I got off it and the pain in my joints stopped

    I had heard that both Equal (which was pushed through the FDA in record time without proper time and testing) and
    Splenda cross the blood brain barrier and are thus quite dangerous.

    If you are willing to comment on Xylitol (which I use in all my baking) please write me at

    Thanks so much!

    ( ia McKoy

    • Thank you for your comment. As was mentioned in the beginning of the video, artificial sweeteners can be controversial. It seems you have found one that works well for your body which is great! We didn’t touch on sugar alcohols in this particular video. Xylitol is one example of a sugar alcohol that can be a great substitute for regular sugar. If you like to use this in baking this can help reduce total carbs in whatever it is you’re making. Sugar alcohols in general can be a good choice as long as there are not issues with gas or bloating, which is what some people can experience. Have a good day!

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