A Dose of Dr. E: Dr. Edelman Takes Us to Etiquette School

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    I visited your convention 4 years in a row. It was so informative. I have moved to Missouri. I ordered your latest TCYD book and never received it. I would appreciated it if you could research it.

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    Saw the video about eating in a restaurant. Very funny and that’s what happens to me!

    When are you having one of your shows in Virginia Beach? I was at the last one and would love to see another one. I’d be glad to help. Just let me know.

    • Hi Sally,
      The closest we’ll be to you next year will be our conference in Raleigh, NC on May 11th. Our 2019 schedule will be online soon, so if you feel like a little road trip maybe we’ll see you there! 🙂

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    We just returned from the most amazing cruise to Alaska. I ate well, and my numbers were great. I was worried about the deserts because they were beautiful and plentiful, so my plan was to pick the best one but eat only one bite. I felt in control and powerful to be satisfied by that bite. Plan worked! WOW I’m so impressed by me!!!

  4. I went on a cruise. It was two weeks long. I found that by only having breakfast at the buffet it was easier to control my portions. I usually have one slice of pumpernickel bread with lox and whipped light cream cheese with chives. I can eat my weight in lox. So that is why I would eat breakfast at the buffet. The rest of the time we ate at a sit down and served dinner and lunch. That way our portions were under control.
    Since I have bad knees I don’t walk up stairs but I do walk down. So this is what I did to keep from doubling my size on this eat-a-thon.
    You are my one joy with my diabetes. Thank you dr E.

    • What a wonderful comment to Dr. Edelman, and we agree with you. 🙂 I think your strategy for the cruise was a great idea and I have often wondered what to do in that type of meal situation on a cruise, so thank you for the tip!

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    My husband, the Type 3 and I had a good laugh at this! Thanks for your lighthearted approach to T1D. An aside, we LOVED the ONE conference last month….

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    What is Type 3?
    When will you be in Kansas City again?
    I would like to start an effort to rename Diabetes! Could you help? I am Type 1 – diagnosed at age 38. It drives me crazy when people tell me things they’ve heard that will cure Diabetes. Or programs on tv that lump all Diabetes into one method of treatment!
    Instead of Type 1, Type 2, Type 3,or Gestational why not give each of these a new name!!!!!?????

    • Hi Cathy,
      Type 3 is a name we came up with for all of the friends, family, and overall “cheerleaders” of anyone living with diabetes. Unfortunately we don’t have Kansas City on the schedule in 2019 but hope to return there again. We try to travel around to different parts of the country to reach as many people as we can. And yes, there are a lot of false claims out there…totally understand your frustration!

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