2020 Diabetes Forum – Video Replay

Nearly 4000 people from 74 countries registered for the 14th Annual Diabetes Forum, a joint event hosted by TCOYD and The diaTribe Foundation. Moderated by Dr. Edelman and Kelly Close, this event highlighted the cutting-edge developments in diabetes care from ADA’s Scientific Sessions, and featured engaging and informative panel discussions from the world’s leading diabetes experts.

The Forum’s 2020 panelists were: Vanita Aroda, MD, Wil Cefalu, MD, Irl Hirsh, MD, Jeremy Pettus, MD, and Eugene Wright, MD. Discussion topics included: the impact of the new ADA/EAST treatment algorithm, virtual diabetes care, advances in glucagon targeted therapeutics, CGM, sensor-augmented pumps, automated insulin delivery, the latest roles of DPP4 and SGLT2 inhibitors and GLP-1 RAs, and implications for cardio-renal protection.

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    Thank you for providing this recording. I was able to listen to mast of the presentation but had to run another meeting so now I can listen to all of the discussion.

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    Excellent information- thanks!

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    Thank you. Especially enjoyed Jeremy’s take on adjunctive therapy for T1Ds.

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