Diabetes & the COVID-19 Vaccine: We Got Ours and Our Bromance is BACK!

One of the things we’ve missed most during the pandemic is being able to be close to friends and loved ones. There is light at the end of the tunnel now, and Steve and Jeremy share the most up-to-date info about both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. They did hug for this photo, but as you will hear them explain in the video, it’s still important to wear masks and social distance.

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    No mention of what to do about children under 16. Both of my grandsons under the age of 7 have type 1 so it’s scary when they go back to school.

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    Dr. E. and Dr. P. received their vaccines and can hug all they want now (which is a lot).

    I think that’s irresponsible to suggest social distancing isn’t required or important even with vaccination.

    The vaccine does not prevent transmission of the virus from contact or airborne means…

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      Actually Dr. Edelman and Dr. Pettus were very clear in the video that we all should still wear masks and social distance until we have come out on the other side of the pandemic, even after receiving the vaccine. They filmed the video by themselves in a large room far from the cameraman who was the only other person in the studio. We appreciate your diligence and concern and agree that everyone should still remain careful.

    • Steve Edelman

      Hello Akhil, YOu are absolutely right. We did say that in the video but we need to lead by example. We are both very careful working with COVID patients in the hospital and we just were not thinking! Appreciate the comment.

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      Thank you! This information session was really well done. Great breakdown of info! I think you should talk in a major network snd direst the infirmstiin to a broad audience.

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    Thank you for the video! I’m a T1 diabetic and have been since since age 12. I’m now 62.
    I have an appointment for my first shot February 22 and the 2nd on March 15th!
    I’m excited, can’t wait!
    Leigh Wearn
    Washington state

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      Yay! Happy for you! 🙂

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      I would love to know how you got an appointment, Leigh. I am happy for you, and I am in a similar category and have been told that it is far off for me as a type 1 under 65.

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    Happy for you. However, at age 77 still waiting. Have wonderful medical coverage but they are Out of Vaccine. My one son is CHP officer and has not been able to get the Vaccine either.

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    Hey T1 gang,

    I’m a grip in the New York City film community and also have T1. Very lucky so far to have been working since end of August in both the city and far north into the central part of the state. Doing my best to understand the vaccine so that I can feel 100% confident it’s the safe choice for me. Thank you for being our pals and for doing your best.



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    Thanks for doing this! I received the first Pfizer dose and will receive the second in two weeks (first week of February). I had virtually no side effects to the shot and I would encourage everyone who is waiting to decide whether or not to get immunized to go full speed ahead! Together, we can put this terrible virus behind us! I did notice my insulin use increased immediately following the vaccination. In fact, I needed to fill my prescription for Humalog about a week early. No big deal! My blood sugar seems to have settled back to normal, a week later. Thanks to TCOYD for getting this important message out!

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    Excellent webcast! Please send this information to John Buse, director of the UNC Endocrinology Department and one of your frequent contributors to TCOYD conferences in Raleigh, NC. I’m a 74-year old Type 1 and have no preference for scheduling a vaccine with UNCMyshot. In NC, everyone over 65 is in the same category, and it’s impossible to get scheduled. This is very helpful information, but it needs to be publicized!

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    Pfizer vaccine has only 19% efficacy?

    Finally, a serious scientist has carefully evaluated the vaccine data and discovers some serious impropriety, inadequate transparency on these Covid vaccines, and a shocking observation of reduced efficacy to only 19%. Because these vaccines were granted “emergency exemption,” these studies should be fully transparent, and yet, Dr. Doshi shows that this is simply not true. Even worse is his discovery that the Pfizer vaccine’s results were adjudicated by three Pfizer employees, not independent university-affiliated physicians as the Moderna vaccine was.

    More at https://blogs.bmj.com/bmj/2021/01/04/peter-doshi-pfizer-and-modernas-95-effective-vaccines-we-need-more-details-and-the-raw-data/

    • I totally disagree. If it was as ineffective as he says it is, then we would not have the data we have now on the clinical trials as well as the 28 million people that have been vaccinated the U.S. I vehemently disagree with that.

  9. My son is 17 an type 1. Once he has vacine an still wears a mask would it be ok to go to school. Does he need both shots before he starts back

    • Absolutely. Even if he cannot get the vaccine, he’s at low risk to have adverse outcomes. He’s at lower risk with the vaccine. Get him out the door so you can get back to your normal life! 🙂

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    Thank you Steve and Jeremy. Very informative and helpful. I’m scheduled to get my vaccine January 30th, so excited.

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    When might a 53 year-old Type 1 Diabetic with a history of pneumonia/bronchitis expect to be able to get a COVID-19 vaccination in the San Diego area. Is there a tentative timeline for compromised persons?

    Thank you,


    • It’s possible you can get it now (if you haven’t already) but you have to be your own advocate and try to get an appt at Petco or the other centers. Push your caregivers, you are at a higher risk.

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    AARP reported months ago that they were injecting the vacine both with a 21g and 25g needle. Is this accurate? If so how can you get the 25g?

    • I honestly do not know, but in my experience whatever they give you, you should take. The most important thing is to get the vaccine. Many times it’s not so much the diameter of the needle as it is the technique of the nurse giving it.

  13. Fascinating topic, I was not going to get the vaccine for all of the reasons you discussed why some people are hesitant. I am a LADA T! , 14 years, 73.5 years old. Also have COPD and NO spleen. Should I still take a vaccine?

    Thank you in advance for your opinion.

    • OMG ABSOLUTELY, you are in the older age group, and with lung issues, diabetes, and no spleen (which increases your chances of catching an infection) you should get one before the president of the United States! I got mine and I’m very relieved.

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    What is your take on the fact that the CDC deprioritized Type 1 Diabetes for the vaccine? Do you think this will change?

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      I saw a long line at a local hospital in Santa Cruz a week ago – I stopped & asked what was going on, & was told it was the start of the vaccinations. i left my contact info as directed – with no call back. I called the hospital today, & was directed to call a number on the screen. I was on hold for about 45 mins where I was able to make an appt 3 weeks time. I did mention I was a type 1 Diabetic!

    • In the beginning, people were under the false impression that type 1 was not as great a risk, but recent data shows that the risk is 3x as high than for non-diabetic individuals (for both type 1 and type 2).
      The CDC is being approached with this data.

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    Thank you for clearing up that part about the messenger RNA not being a part of our DNA. Thats all I needed.

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    Thank you guys for all that great information. Living in Northern California, I’m still wondering when the vaccine will be made available to us–There are too many people and prisoners who fall into categories higher than me who are getting it. Patience is a virtue, right? It will be coming my way soon. Thanks again.

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    It takes an average 5-10 years to gather accurate data on a vaccine. These vaccines are too new and there is no long-term data (years, not weeks or months) to evaluate. I will not consider taking this vaccine until that data is available.

    • I respect your opinion and feelings. We all need to get it when we feel comfortable. I just got my second shot and feel safe. This is a mRNA technology which has been around a long time and not just since COVID. The studies were done in tens of thousands of participants, and at the current time we have over 30 million vaccinated in the U.S. Good luck and stay safe.

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    There is some concern places doing the vaccines have not been able to hold onto enough of the product to make sure they have enough to give people their second dose. Do you know what happens if you get the first dose of Moderna but are unable to get the second dose on the 28th day? Is there a window of time that you are OK if you get the second dose within that window?

    • I believe when you get the first one, a second is put away to avoid delays. Each institution plans it out differently. The second shot can be delayed without loss of immunity. Not sure if anyone knows how long though.

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    Great information!!! My love who has a lot of allergies to medications including the flu shot and the tetanus shot. The flu shot is because she is allergic to eggs and the tetanus shot she experienced anaphylaxis. Will it be safe for her to get the anti-virus for Covid-19?

    • I believe the answer is that your love will be safe to get the vaccine, but should require close observation afterwards.

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    Thanks for the informative video Dr E and Dr P!!! I hope the criteria soon changes for those of us with Type 1 diabetes and other underlying health conditions in order to receive the vaccine. Currently here in NC the groups that are receiving the vaccine are health care workers, long term residents in assisted living and nursing home facilities and anyone age 65 or older regardless of any underlying health conditions. I do not qualify for the vaccine at this time and it is very upsetting to me!!! I’m 63 years old, have Type 1 Diabetes (for 53 years) and I have Ulcerative Colitis. I just read yesterday that in some states, smokers and obese individuals could get the vaccine. Do I have to start smoking or become obese in order to get the vaccine soon? And yes I do understand that smoking and obesity definitely increase the severity of symptoms and the mortality rate in individuals with COVID-19. What other ignorant criteria will states include in their vaccination phases? I’m just saying the criteria for receiving the vaccine should definitely INCLUDE underlying health conditions such as Diabetes as well as age groups. I’ll get off my SoapBox now—LOL. Thanks for letting me rant.

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      We feel ya. There are groups working diligently to present the case for people with diabetes (both type 1 and type 2) to be vaccinated sooner…hope you’ll be able to get it soon.

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    Thanks for the info. One quick questions and one comment..
    Question: Do the 21/28 days have to be exact or is it within a few days?
    Comment: On the people who refused vaccinations…I have read that many of these are just a “no for the moment” – for instance, if they have a scheduling conflict and need to reschedule that would be considered a vaccination refusal- so I think that the number (as you said) is much lower.

    • Hi Linda,
      The answer is no, it does not have to be exact. The second dose can for sure be flexible. And thanks for the info on the “no” folks…makes sense.

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    Fantastic- thx Steve and Jeremy. Shared with my 83 T2D father. Thanks for all you do
    Your friend, Sabrina

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    Excellent information!
    You’ve answered some of the concerns that I had.
    Thank you!

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    Great video, thank you! I am under 65 T1 for 46 years. Hoping the vaccine is available soon. I do go to work and practice social distancing and wear a mask but still gear getting Covid and the end result.

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      You’re doing what you can right now, and hopefully the vaccine will be available to you soon. Take good care and stay well!

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    I was so hopeful with the new year and the vaccine rollout. I’m now experiencing vaccine fatigue as I think many others are too. Apparently 52 years of type 1 diabetes along with GI conditions is not enough to get a shot before summer in N California. My category is 1C so I’ll be just before all the older than 16 people category. Unfortunately at 64 I’m a little to young to be moved up a tier and apparently my county is auditing the vaccine records to make sure no one gets a shot that doesn’t meet criteria. Depression over vaccines is real 😢 no longer sure I’ll survive to have my turn for two shots.

    • Hi Pam,
      You should be coming up soon in group 1C, and I would bet my last dollar that you’ll be able to get the vaccine several months before the summer. We should be grateful we have two options and we will have two others coming. Distribution is also improving. Hang in there!

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    Thank you Drs! I have decided to get the vaccine because I trust you and your information. Dr. Edelman,will you update us on the results when you get the second shot of the Mederna vaccine? I am a healthy 68 year old Type 1 with an A1C of 6.5. Trying to decide which shot to get.

    • We have both gotten our second doses. Dr. P got mildly under the weather for 2-3 days but it did not stop him from his daily activities. I got the Moderna vaccine and the only thing I had was a sore arm for a few days after the second shot, but that could have been due to the technique used by the nurse. Take any one you can get – they’re both equally effective!

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    You mentioned be sure to get a flu shot too.
    Should these shots (corona vaccine and flu) be spaced apart. I have yet to get the flu shot.

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    Thank you!

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    Thank you for easing my worries. You answered questions I had and I now feel comfortable getting vaccine and surprisingly getting it Friday. Front line worker so glad to finally make decision.

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    Can you share any information related to women trying to conceive and getting the vaccine? Or being pregnant & getting the vaccine? Is it safe or recommended? Thank you!

    • There is really no data on women trying to get pregnant or who are pregnant. There are lots of women in those two situations who have gotten the vaccine. In reality, there are no reasons why it would be damaging.

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    Thank you two for the excellent (as usual) video.
    I have a question about something Jeremy says at around 4:15 in.

    “When you get one of the vaccines these cells (in your body) actually take this messenger RNA that’s injected and start making a protein that’s a piece of the COVID vaccine.
    And when that occurs, the body then recognizes this protein as foreign and starts developing antibodies against that protein.”

    Do my cells start making a protein that’s a piece of the COVID VACCINE or that’s a piece of the COVID VIRUS?

    The latter makes more sense to me than the former.

    Thanks, I appreciate all your videos and conferences.

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      Hi Jay,
      Here is a more detailed explanation, from Harvard Health:
      mRNA, or messenger RNA, is genetic material that contains instructions for making proteins. mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 contain synthetic mRNA. Inside the body, the mRNA enters human cells and instructs them to produce the “spike” protein found on the surface of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The body recognizes the spike protein as an invader, and produces antibodies against it. If the antibodies later encounter the actual virus, they are ready to recognize and destroy it before it causes illness.

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    The 1st shot was not bad with my diabetes. The second shot was terrible. I had not been that sick since I had chemo back in early 2000. Then my blood sugar kept bottoming out at 40. day after day and had trouble keeping it up. Then it went up to the 300 and I could not get it down. This went on for about 2 weeks. The whole vaccine was terrible and the county had my information and I never got anything telling me about the issues for diabetics. I only found out after talking to a doctor about my issues.

    You would think that if you sign up with underlying issues, they would give you information on what may happen.

    • Your symptoms lasting that long are very unusual. Most people with diabetes don’t have any issues, but a small percent have reported some blood sugar highs and lows post-vaccine.

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    I am t1 and from both shots my blood sugar sky rocketed, the second was the horrid, for about a week I was walking the fence about going to the hospital. If they come out with a third shot what to do?

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