Dr. P Got Covid…His Most Surprising Symptom and Advice If You Get Sick

Dr. Pettus' COVID experience

Dr. P got candid about his recent experience getting COVID. He opened up about how it made him feel – emotionally as well as physically – and he talked about his weirdest and most predominant symptom. He discussed how COVID affected his diabetes, and he offered firsthand advice on what to do if you get sick.

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How to Reduce Diabetes Medication Costs

how to save on diabetes medication

Some of the most beneficial medications to manage chronic diseases like diabetes are extremely expensive. UCSD pharmacist Natalie Halanski offers ideas and resources that can offer potential cost savings, including copay cards, prescription medication coupons, patient assistance foundations, extra help for Medicare, and insulin value programs.

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Diabetes & the COVID-19 Vaccine: We Got Ours and Our Bromance is BACK!

We couldn’t wait until the COVID-19 vaccines arrived, but now that they are here, we have questions. Are they safe? Will they affect people with diabetes differently? Can you be a carrier for COVID-19 even after you get vaccinated? Dr. E. and Dr. P. answer the most commonly asked questions about the current U.S. options from Moderna and Pfizer.

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A Life-Saving Insulin Donation

The stresses of life during COVID-19 are difficult enough, but imagine having type 1 diabetes and having to ration your insulin on top of everything else. A mother and son share their experience negotiating their healthcare challenges, and receive a donation of insulin and supplies from the Helmsley Foundation and TCOYD.

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