What to Do If You Have Side Effects from the COVID-19 Vaccine

Dear Dr. Edelman,

I’m seeing posts online from people who’ve received one of the COVID-19 vaccines and had their blood sugar run high, and others whose blood sugar ran low. Do you know why this could be happening, and what we should do if we are in either situation?

Dr. Edelman:

Now that we have three vaccines on the market and more and more people are getting vaccinated, the number of COVID cases is dropping dramatically, as are hospitalizations and deaths. It’s not uncommon for any individual who receives the vaccine to experience flu-like symptoms for a short period of time after receiving the vaccine. Common symptoms are: fever, chills, muscle aches, fatigue, and just having the blahs.

People with diabetes are no exception, and they also experience these same exact symptoms. Based on all of the research in the formalized clinical trials studying these vaccines before they were approved, the incidence of post-vaccination viral illness has been identical to the non-diabetic group.

Any time an individual with diabetes becomes medically ill for any reason, blood sugars typically run higher due to the metabolic stress. Less often, someone may experience low glucose levels and that probably has something to do with reduced food intake from being sick and at the same time too much insulin for that amount of food. There’s no evidence that getting the vaccine has some special mechanism to raise or lower blood sugar levels, but rather it’s just developing a flu-like illness for a short, finite period of time. One analogy would be what women with diabetes experience with their menses. Most have hyperglycemia and some experience more lows. We all react differently.

If you’re feeling sick, test your blood sugar more frequently and drink fluids free of carbs like unsweetened tea, water, Diet 7-up, or low-sugar Gatorade to help with electrolytes. If you’re on fast-acting insulin, use small correction doses to get you below 200mg/dl, and for people with type 2 on oral medications only, you don’t adjust your medications. Avoid sugary drinks, high-carb, high-sugar foods and let your healthcare provider know if you’re staying extremely high (above 300) most of the time.

For people concerned about going low after receiving the vaccine, keep an eye on your blood sugars, test often and keep your favorite hypo-treats (juice, soda, gummies, tabs, etc.) close by, like you normally would.

Most people with diabetes seem to be experiencing few side effects from any of the vaccines, with minimal effects on blood sugars. Don’t be afraid of these vaccines, people. The trade-off of not getting and dying of COVID versus a few days of potentially having mild flu-like symptoms is worth it.

For more detailed info on the vaccine, sick day rules and how to keep an eye out for and treat DKA, see these additional resources below:

When you get your vaccine…call me up so I can give you a hug!

  1. As a 30 yr T1.5, age 90, I had zero side effects for both Moderna shots…until only for the 10th day after #2 where bgs kept continuously pushing low all day (down to 42 once!). Without my Dexcom6, I would have been in deep trouble, like I’d never experienced before after two years of CGM enabled control. Had no other detectable side effects in the week since that.

    I called VAERS and left a recorded message to call me for more detail if they were interested in this level of probably side effect. No response to date.

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      Thank you for sharing, William, and glad things have evened out and are back to normal for you.

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        Yes, the high A1c and BG went high after my second shot Moderna. I became diabetic… period. This is what we get when we fast track vaccine approvals. Not sure what else is going on…..now what to do?

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          Hi! My son is 16 years old healthy, eat well, exercise and in good condition, he took the vaccine 2 months ago, now we found he is diabetic and he take insulin 3 times per day , I am suspecting this is from the vaccine, I need help what to do and do you think my son will spend whole life with insulin

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            Hi Mohammed,
            Sorry to hear that, I am 35, pretty much the same now. Pfizer 2nd does, 18 days post vaccine started feeling terrible. Sugar levels fluctuations. Any updates regarding your son?

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            Same thing happened to my family and many others in this forum, we should raise this concern but not sure where and how. Also in this current time mostly they will shutdown all research or complaints against vaccines but people should know.

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            I too developed type 1 diabetes after vaccine . Before vaccine I was the healthiest person and so active . Trust me they are covering this up .

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            My husband, age 37, very healthy, also developed type 1.5 diabetes after Pfizer vaccines. He had normal physical in December of 2020 with fasted blood sugar of 70. In April he had both vaccine doses, and through May and June developed blurred vision, frequent urination, and extreme thirst. Finally went to doctor around July 5th and had A1C of 9 and blood sugar levels above 200. It was devastating. He went to 5 insulin shots a day, but has removed himself slowly from all of them my eating very few carbs. Like the most extreme keto diet. At least for now, he is able to maintain healthy sugar levels this way. We know it may not last forever. Dr Bernstein’s book Diabetes Solution has provided us hope and good guidance. To my knowledge, his case has not been reported to vaers. My prayers and most sympathetic thoughts are with you all. I hope one day we will all have more information on causal link, and – of course – a cure. I will say, that once you get into the diabetes world and you realize what a market it is financially, you really do lose faith that there is much incentive for a cure.

          • Omg, my 9 year old nephew got the vaccine a few weeks ago and he was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes too

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          I’m not diabetic.
          After my first vaxx 4 days ago i have a headache and i can feel i have low blood sugar levels.
          Also saw a bright light while watching TV… that’s lobotomy and stroke.

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          Hey guys. I’m in SA. Took the Pfizer 1st dose 3 weeks ago . I was never diabetic. Now my readings on my home machine is on 9 and 10.My hubby has type 2 diabetes.controlled with meds,his readings have spiked to 17…. I’m concerned for sure..

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          After my second Moderna shot on September 22nd I was sick. On September 27th I had blood drawn for my physical, My A1C was 6.7 sugars 115. I’ve never had diabetes

          • I’m not kidding. I had normal blood in March 2021 Jan 2021 and December 2021 GIC under five had first moderna April 2021 second end of May just had blood test and my GIC is 6.4 never had issues at all with blood sugar I’m really worried now

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          This happened to me too with the Indian covidshield.

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          Wow I’m so sorry to hear this , this happen to me as well . I got my blood sugar sugar august 2021 it was ok I also got my first phizer shot in august then again in September come October I was told I was a type 2 diabetic . I have no history in my family of diabetes . I’m only 22. I know it was the vaccine because it was the only thing done different within those 3 months .

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          I hear ya I know have hypertension and hyperglycemia after Pfizer vaccination
          Dr doesn’t believe vaccine causes anything need to find out what’s really going on to treat it properly because it’s an autoimmune reaction but your typical by the book let’s diagnose you with diabetes etc

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          I’m 26 got covishield last year within 10 days I got symptoms.
          after 2 months I got higher a1c (11.6) but the post meal was normal reading. Now I’m diabetic.

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          same result. I found out two months after the second dose but its been a year now and no signs of diabetes.

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          Same but Pfizer after second cholesterol, bg and bp increased drastically and still a year later our drs in canada don’t want to deal with anything but push more drugs into your system fir symptoms I have no legit follow up

    • Type 1 for 38 years. Got second Moderna two days ago. Can’t keep blood sugar up. I’ve used 4 glucagon for sugars less than 40. My insulin pump is off. I feel like hell.

      • Same thing happened to me. Super scary. Not getting another dose.

      • I had a bad hypo 3 weeks ago coma and small seizures with help from paramedics mey glucose injection didn’t work so I was put on a drip in my home not been right after 3rd vaccine moderna actually i wasn’t good after first vaccine.having battles of high and lows .
        I have been a diabetic for 48 years and on thyroxine for 30 yrs with no change of dose until i had the vaccine and that dropped to 75mcg instead of 100mcg after a month it’s back to 100mcg.

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      I don’t have any history of hypoglycemia or blood sugar issues and I got my vaccine (#2 Pfizer) 5 days ago and just started experiencing faintness and weakness and felt clammy all over. Even after just eating… I got my blood sugar tested at the doctor and it’s low. It was in low 70’s and they think that the vaccine is causing it

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        Has this issue resolved? My mom is currently being admitted to the hospital because her blood sugar continues to drop. She got her second shot on the 14th.

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        I am presently experiencing same, fatigue sleeplessness. Blood sugar became very low 3 after 2nd dose of Mordena. I have never been diabetic in my life neither have I experienced hypoglycemia. Iam scared! I have started talking soda and carbs to increase my sugar level and will run another check in a weeks time.

    • I’ve had T1D for 37 years. For 10 days after vax, I had severely plummeting blood sugars – from a steady 120 to under 40 within minutes. Dropped too quickly to treat. Passed out just after I was able to ingest some cake icing. Had several plummeting blood sugars for about 10 days. In my 37 years, this was the closest I’ve come to dying from hypoglycemia. Not getting another dose. Too unpredictable and scary for me. Like you, I left a detailed VAERS report.

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    I have had T1 for 43 years, when I get up in the morning my blood sugars are perfect then I put in my insulin for my breakfast and my blood sugar goes up right away without me eating, then I have to wait at least 1/2 hour before I eat because I don’t want my blood sugars go too high, after I eat when it is around 150 it goes down right away. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong.
    Thank you!
    Renate Jones

    • You’re not doing anything wrong. What happens to you happens to everyone. In the early morning, the circadian rhythms of hormones work against insulin. People typically need more insulin than at other times of the day, so the best thing to do is to take 1/3 to 1/2 of your normal pre-breakfast bolus the second you wake up, then the rest when you eat, and that will prevent the bump in blood sugar. Please see these articles as well for more detailed information:


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        I feel you should encourage people to report any and all effects from vaccine to vaers, not brush it off. You have a limited amount of time to report.

        Having a more complete vaers will help improve vaccines and lessen hesitancy.

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        I found this site because a coworker of my husband got sick after the shot and was told he now has diabetes. Really think this should be looked into after reading all of the comments on here. Maybe he was predisposed or whatever but regardless, he was fine before the shot. Maybe these other people already had it but this guy was fine before.

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          My ex suddenly got diagnosed with diabetes after his covid shot too. I wondered if it was what caused it.

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            I NEVER I had diabetes but after my second Moderna shot I was diagnosed as diabetic my blood sugar was 383, I’m a 74-year-old man no one either on my mother side or father side had been diabetic. It’s obvious with some of the other comments that this is not a fluke

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            Did you get type 1 diabetic after moderns? I too am diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 62. Got all symptoms of type 1 after first shot of moderna

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            My 19 year old daughter developed symptoms after the Pfizer vaccine and was just diagnosed with type 1. Where do I report this???

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            Hi, did anyone’s sugar level comeback normal after couple of months or it’s a full blown diabetes for a life long? Also how to identify if it’s a type 1 or type 2 diabetes?

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        My dad got the covid vaccine 2 weeks ago. For the past couple of days his eyes are blood shot red. And his sugar level are spiking and not coming down. Yes he is a diabetic. He ate a little this afternoon and it still shooting.
        He is thinkingnof starving himself. I think that is super stupid.
        Is this a side effect or something else?
        This entire situation has caused great mental strain on the entire family.

        Your advise would be hwlful as there not much online from all the suppression.


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    How timely! Got my 1st of 2 COVID-19 shots today. Have sore arm and high blood sugar only. Doing sick day routine for that but otherwise fine!

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      Glad to hear it, Phil!

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      I had my second dose if moderna at the end if April. It is now June and I am still dealing with higher than normal blood sugars. I had my t2d tightly controlled. Moderate exercise and before covid shot i was in 90s. Now I am constantly pushing 125 with higher than normal fasting blood sugars. Before I got my vaccine I asked uf it would affect my blood sugars. I was told no as it wasnt an actual virus. Some bs that was!!!

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        I hear you, Stacy. My experience has been the same as yours. Prior to my 2nd Moderna shot, I was able to maintain a consistent A1C of 6.5 or below, and I have been a T1D for 46 years. Now I struggle every day to keep my blood sugars under 200mg/dl, and am taking nearly twice the amount of insulin daily through my pump. My endocrinologist never warned me that this could happen, and frankly, I am angry that this possibility has been hidden by the medical community. It has been over three months that I have been struggling with this, and no one seems to know why.

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          I am going through same as you describe Jill last Vax was end of March I have had vertigo headaches sugars out of control 325 to 95 A1c just checked don’t know what it is yet also bad shakes 2 docs say anxiety I say BS

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          Stacey, Jill, I am having the same issues. A1C was 6.0 in April 2021 and had been between 5.6 and 6.1 since August 2014 after been diagnosed with T2. Received second 2nd Moderna shot in beginning of May 2021. Just had my 6 month follow with Doctor and now A1C is 7.1 with 155mg/dl. The daily reading now are in the 145 to 160. I have change my daily route (ie eating patten, exercise, drink) but I can not get the number to lower. When I asked the doctor if there were other T1 and T2 complaining about higher Blood Sugars, she told me that she has not come across any. I work hard getting my A1C back into normal range after been told that I was a Diabetic at age 42, to lose all that hard work over getting the COVID-19 Vaccine.

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    I had Johnson & Johnson 1 shot March 16 I had normal BGs the next 2 days. Not even injection site pain. No adverse fx at all. Whereas first time getting Shingrix/ 2 part shingles vaccine- my arm hurt for days and severe flu like symptoms n fever n severe muscle pain for 24 hrs post 2nd injection back in August 2020.
    I am T1 for 51 years this May.

  5. My neighbor with type 2 diabetes who os female and 74rs, called me to say her blood sugar went from 150 to 400something about 10 hours after her first covid with Moderna. She was upset. I went to her home and stayed with her about one hour. Her sugar came down to 340. She’s on 70/30 and didn’t have fast acting insulin. There 2as no emergency and by the morning she was 170. Just to share

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      Thanks for sharing Darlene, so others are aware of her experience. You are a good friend and neighbor!

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      I had the same thing happen to me after getting the Moderna shot. I am still having trouble getting my blood sugars back down. I got the shot on May 26th and today is June 1st. I am type2 and 51 yo female.

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    My husband was just dx’d with COVID after we all had Pfizer vaccines in January. We had a false sense of security after the vaccine. He is in quarantine now but with moderate symptoms. I’m wondering what to do if I get symptoms. CDC says you don’t have to quarantine if you’ve been vaccinated, but that seems irrelevant under the circumstances we find ourselves now. I have an appt with my endo next week, so I’ll ask them but can a T1D use an inhaler with albuterol? I know steroids will increase blood sugars, so hoping to avoid that. Any other advice?

    • The vast majority of people who got the vaccine did not get COVID, but if you do get it the symptoms are much less severe. Still, maintain social distance. You’re in good shape since you’re vaccinated. And yes, people with type 1 can use an inhaler with albuterol.

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    I had the Pfizer vaccine, first shot only so far. The two days following the shot, my blood sugar was low. The first day I was feeling a bit shaky (my normal response when my sugar is low) and I didn’t test my blood and just ate food. The second day I was having the same feelings and tested my sugar level. I was at 57. I ate some high carb foods and a about an hour later I tested again and I was at 130.

    Most things I read indicated the sugar level would go higher so not sure if this is an anomaly or not. I

    I just take Metformin to control my sugar levels along with my diet and exercise.

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      I’m having crazy high blood sugars about 1 week after my second Pfizer shot. Fever and flu-like symptoms were over after day 1. My BGs are as stubborn and hard to bring down as if I was taking steroid meds (I’m not). Anybody experienced that?

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        I’m 3 weeks post 1st pfizer shoot and everyday my morning reading is getting higher. I honestly don’t know what to do at this point? I’m eating less because I’ve had terrible stomach issues since receiving the shot. I’m at a loss

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        This exact thing is happening to me! My second dose of Pfizer was last Friday, so it’s been 4 days. All I have had today is a cup of coffee with heavy cream – which I have every day. Yesterday and today my sugars are running quite high.

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        Yes!! Me too. I’m a T2 and after my 2nd Pfizer shot my BS started creeping up. Went to the ER Tues. for a 439 Fasting reading. They gave me insulin that brought it down to 179 but after that it started going back up. I have been doing everything right and even actively trying to lower it with no avail. My Endo just raised my oral meds x2 and is putting me on insulin to try and bring it down. Ive been T2 for 15 yrs. and this has never happened at least to this level before. Was wondering if it was caused from the vaccine too?????

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      Bro… Same problems with my mom too. Blood sugar goin low
      How are you now? Did you continue to take medicine when your sugar was goin low?

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    I am having the same problem, I started going high after my first shot and I am normally about 90 to 110, I don’t take anything for it but watch the carbs and the food I eat or things I drink, now its been 2 weeks after the second one and my sugars are all over the place, mainly wanting to be as high as 177 and I only drank a protein drink which I have been doing for years to control my blood sugars, I feel horrible when it goes up like this!

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    I’ve had both Pfizer shots and initially noticed no impact on Blood Glucose, but a week later, my BG went way high and has had wild swings with my lows in the 160’s and the highs much higher. Have a Dr appt next week but wondered if anyone else has had these maddeningly high almost uncontrolled swings a couple of weeks after the shots.

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      Had COVID 1st shot last Monday , sugar been high everyday since. Not eating any carbs for the last 4 days still can’t get it down. Currently only take trulicity.
      Sugar level is still above 200. I’m really getting concerned.

      • Don’t worry too much…you are not in a danger zone and will not have permanent affects. Call your provider…ask him or her about temporary short acting SFU like glypizide 5mg twice a day, but he or she needs to make the decision. Or, just drink a lot of fluids and exercise like crazy, and reduce your calories and carbs.

    • Hi Joe. I’m 65 and had my 1st shot of moderna. One month ago. I haven’t had to tske6my metformin for type 2 diabeties in over a yr. Now my sugar I’d going way up from 100 to 180. I have been wondering why the elevation and it didn’t dawn on me why until I read these post as yours. Guess I’ll be calling the doc 2morrow

    • I’ve had bother shots of the Pfizer and just started getting very low readings after 3 weeks which I’ve never had before ??

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        My daughter had the same thing. High bags after her shot – lasted a couple of weeks! Now, unexplained and unpredictable lows. She had to stop her long acting insulin temporarily!

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      I’m having same issues. I track my with Dexcom. My glucose levels before the second shot has always been under 120 and I’m always stay well with my target range over 90 percent of the time, until the second shot. Now I can’t get it under 150. Stays high. I’m very active ride bikes, walk run and eat well Dailey and get get it under control. It’s been 4 weeks now.

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    I am type 2 diabetic. Immediately after 1st of Moderna my blood sugar stood at 300 regardless of how much insulin I took. This is the 3rd day after vaccination and morning number before breakfast is still 200. I have headaches with it but no nausea. My endocrinologist said it is a reaction to vaccine

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      Getting slimiest symptoms as you have you improve since? Hope it has

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    I had my second shot March 10 and my blood sugar is all over the place. I have type 2. Never had over 155 and now readings at 200. Dr. Appt. next week to try and figure this out.

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    I got my second Pfizer shot on 3/16/21. In the past I have had very mild symptoms of low blood sugar and would eat something and would be fine. I’ve never talked to a doctor about it because it was very seldom, I would get a little shakey. This past Monday I had an episode where I got crazy shakes, got so hungry, and I could not even get the right speech out of my mouth. My tongue and front torso have been numb also. I have never checked my blood sugar but maybe I need to. These symptoms are progressing in coincidence after the vaccine was taken

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    So glad I found this post… it’s been 2 weeks since my 2nd Pfizer covid Vaccine shot. Since then, my BG has been 200pts higher than normal all day. My long term insulin (Basaglar) has become ineffective. I’m doing 25 units of quick acting (Admelog) 4x a day just to keep ranges around 200. I’m gonna let my Dr. know about this. Thanks.

    • My BG numbers have been really high since4 days after getting my 2nd Pfizer shot. They have been elevated fir over a month. I feel that this should be looked in to.

  14. I have been having BG readings very high 200 morning reading getting second shot in 3 days very concerned my husband also having high numbers post vaccination. On strict no carbs or sugar program. I think this should be researched by FDA.

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    After my second vaccine I had a lump rise above my collar bone and they think it’s a covid side affect. They put me on antibiotics. Originally it was the size of a shooter marble and now it’s about the size of a pea. They’ll look at sn ultrasound and then biopsy if necessary.

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    My husband got his second shot of Pfizer on Saturday. And he is not diabetic. He is having blurry vision from Monday and his BG was 350. His doctor put him on medication it is still not going down.

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      This is what happened to my nephew. He is thin, healthy, active 16year old. He received his second vaccine and his levels are 360…never had problems before or is diabetic. I can’t help but think it’s from the vaccine

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    2 days ago i received the 1st dose of pfizer and on the 2nd day my blood sugar went up to 364 and i am not diabetic since just 3 weeks ago I just got my lab result of HBA1c test is normal. please help and give advice

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      What prompted you to check your blood sugar if you do not have diabetes?

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        i have high bp and my cardiologist said to run investigation and perform several CBC, TSH, HBA1c, etc others..

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        my bp was high and according to my cardiologist to make investigation and made me go through those labolatory tests( cbc, tsh, hba1c, etc…)

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    I am not a diabetic, but after my 2nd Moderna shot I had a low blood glucose episode. After getting out of bed I felt fine, but then several minutes later I felt very weak & started sweating profusely. I don’t sweat that much at the gym. Once I ate a bowl of cereal I felt fine.

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      I didnot have any diabetes but out of nowhere I am seeing so many lows. Lows to the point past 3 days that I am feeling shaky dizzy.. I put my husband’s free style and seeing numbers not going up no matters what I eat. Don’t want to eat too processed and burn my pancreas

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      Are you still in the same boat or better?

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    I took my second pfizer shot about 2 weeks ago and my blood sugar has been extremely high as well! Has anyone with these symptoms recovered yet? I’m getting worried since it’s been two weeks after getting the vaccine.

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      Hey did your sugars calm down yet please? I’m the same, two weeks post vaccine and battling them like crazy

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    I am on Glucophage XR 2000 daily, is there any interaction between Glucophage and Astrazeneca vaccine?

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    I am 2 weeks post second moderna vaccine my BS are off the chart the doctor put me on insulin been watching diet with little to no carbs minimal change! Very disheartening

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    While we know that an immediate reaction (for a few days, as your immune system mounts a response to the vaccine) your blood sugar may rise like it does when you are fighting an infection, I’m reading about and I’m personally experiencing higher blood sugar readings for weeks after vaccination. Before the good Dr comes in trying to reassure the concerned masses with, “It’s fine. It’s better than getting Covid,” just know that comments like that make us feel dismissed. Many of us are baffled and concerned. We are eating minimal carbs, exercising, and still having high numbers. Many of us, don’t discourage anyone from getting the vaccines, but, we would like someone to look into this and if there is a causal link, we want a warning, just like the blood clot warnings on the J&J vaccine.

    • I have not heard of that happening to more than a handful of people so your situation, although real, is not common. But we’ll look into it, and hopefully others will be doing the same.

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        Are more people continuing to have blood sugar fluctuations after the vaccines? This comment thread seems concerning. Are there any studies I can read?

        • There are no studies, but lots of reports of some people getting high and some people getting low. It’s an individual response.

      • I have never had high glucose77 years shortly after booster glucose went 264 been a month running 150s to 180s and some over 200. Eat few carbs no sweets or alcohol
        This is apparently happening to a lot of us and we are being ignored.

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    I am on an insulin pump and sensor. After receiving both doses I noticed for 21 days an increased insulin usage by 300% BS never went crazy high due to sensor & pump kicking into max mode. After the 21 days insulin usage is way down and below covid vaccine. Weird, my endo is puzzled as well, but I will take it. Anyone else have this happen?

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      My daughter has had the exact timeline of blood sugar irregularities as you described. She does not have the pump so she’s been going nuts trying to second guess her insulin needs. She has even stopped her long acting insulin temporarily because of the unexplained lows. We are anxiously awaiting a learned response to your entry!

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    As someone who has pride herself with good BP, my BP has spiked significantly since my 2nd one. I’m 38 years old and now I know how my mom feels when her BP is not normal. I had 2nd Pfizer dose on Sunday(Mother’s Day) but I didnt truly feel side effects until Wednesday. I notice it had shot up Tuesday afternoon (besides the sore arm, still alert and functioning) but it wasn’t as bad as it had been Wed.(due to extreme fatigue, chills and headaches) & Thurs (more alert but restless). I think it went down a little today but that’s not saying much. And my anxiety is not helping. So I’m just monitoring it but it’s alarming.

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      Have you improve since my symptoms are exactly like yours. Started getting chill after 20 hours after vaccine then fever for 2-3 hours after 24 hours after covid jab now almost 48 hours I’m still getting small chills. Blood usually around 4.0 – 8-5 at lest after meals.

      After 20 hours after the covid jab it sky rocket to 8.7 the next 12 hours it been 6.5 – 8.0 usually after a meal 2 hours later it would come down to 4.5 -6.0 now after 36 hours after covid jab come down 5.7 so I’m hoping it will continues to drop but I’m still getting chills.

      Has you improve since or experienced similar effect?

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    Hi I’m not Diabetic, I had 1st ASTRAZENICA Vaccine on 23rd April felt dizzy on 25th April and tested my blood sugar level. and since then it has been low around 3.3 to 2.7 every day since it drops lower after eating. I have spoken with my DR yesterday, (1st appointment I could get) and having blood test on Monday as I have to much insulin.
    I’m worried about having 2nd vaccine on 23rd July.

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    I have non diabetic hypoglycaemia (unknown cause). Three hours after my 1st moderna shot my blood sugar dropped quite low (lowest in long time). What frightened me was I was just in the door after driving home (vaccine centre is good bit away – no public transport) and I had none of the normal symptoms /warning signs. Just walked into house and felt my head swimming like I was going to pass out. For 3 days I struggled to keep it within the normal range as it kept dropping….forewarned for shot number 2 in two weeks time.

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    After my second Covid shot I was starting to drink a lot of water and peeing a lot then I had a couple weeks of fatigue compared to where I was working out almost 4 days a week and then my eyes were having problems focusing adjusting is it possible the COVID-19 shot from Moderna
    caused me to have high blood sugar and possibly diabetes

    • No. Hope you feel better soon.

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        I have had blurry vision since my first shot two months ago. I also spotted small bruises on my legs. Searched the cause on google and diabetes was among the possible causes. So I had my fasting blood sugar checked several times and the readings were in the prediabetic range (had dinner between 6-8pm). But my post meal readings have been in the normal range even after high carb meals. I had a look at my bloodwork from last October and there my fasting sugar was in the normal range. Does anyone have any idea about what is happening? I am not overweight and the second shot was 6 weeks after the first shot.

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    Can you develop onset of diabetes after being fully vaccinated? I can’t tell if it was my diet that pushed my A1C level this high or if this could also be a side effect of the Pfizer vaccine. I am usually hypoglycemic.

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    Hello All hope you are doing good. I am a T1 for past 2 and a half years now. I am on humalog 25 mix and was doing fine with that and BG was in control. I got my first shot of Covid Astra Zencia on 30/03 and the later got Covid in end of April and since then after I got fine my insulin is not working properly. With a very controlled diet also my BG is around 225 PP after taking insulin also. Not sure if the antibodies after Covid are not letting insulin work properly. Please someone guide me with this.

  30. Avatar

    After my first shot of Pfizer three days ago, i barely need any insulin. The blood sugars are really stable during the night and really low in the days. Also, i am not having spikes from meals. It’s almost as if my immune system is affected and not killing all the insulin cells anymore, really weird.

    • Me too. I have had T1D for 40 years this year, and the lows I have been experiencing now since April are both unusual, frightening and perplexing. Some of them get so low(20’s and 30’s) that even with LARGE amounts of juice(almost 3/4 of a gallon in less than 2 hr period), they do not respond and level out. I spent 5 hours below 40 one day. I also used to have typical symptoms for low bs, now, until it’s almost too late. I have tried adjusting my doses, which has yielded some favorable results on certain days, but I have also seen way too many highs when I change my unit levels and then also when my body does finally rebound from treatments for the extreme lows. Side note was that I got shingles after my 1st dose of the vaccine too(I am 49 yrs old). This has been very concerning, and now they are about to recommend a 3rd dose for immunocompromised people. I am 4.5 months into this now, and I would have extreme trepidation about taking another shot, ONLY because of the fact that there is no information about what has happened with my diabetes at all from the CDC or any medical professionals, that I can find.

  31. Avatar

    after taking first shot of COVAXIN, my blood suger shot upto 414 (random), 283 (fasting). it used to be below 200 (post meal) and below 120 (fasting). i m still struggling to maintain it low.

    • Avatar

      I am struggling with hypoglycemia as result of Covaxin (I think so), I am observing further.

    • Avatar

      Hi bro plz contact me how r u now same in my case my cnt 8168814311

  32. Avatar

    Hi Dennis,
    I had my 1st Pfizer shot yesterday.
    I am experimenting something similar.
    Very weird.
    Going to my diabetic doctor next Monday.

  33. Avatar

    I am on insulin @34mmol twice a day. Just got my 1st dose of Astra Zeneca today. Can I continue my insulin as usual?

  34. Avatar

    I found this article after searching for ‘covid vaccine causes high blood sugar’. I am T2 (diagnosed 3 hrs – so kind of new to this) and my normal blood sugar range is around 130. I’m on 500 mg metformin daily and it seemed like I had consistent readings. I received my 2nd dose of Pfizer on May 5th. A month later, I visited the ER with a reading of 597! I was very scared. I don’t take insulin but I was given it that day and my blood sugar got down to 300. I am now testing daily in the mid-200s. My doctor has put me on additional medication and I’m dieting more aggressively. I hope that I’m back to 130 or less by July 4th. Using my personal experience, i believe this is a serious side effect of the Covid vaccine.

    • Avatar

      Edit…I was diagnosed with T2 3 years ago not hours.

    • Avatar

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Tucker. Hope your numbers return to normal soon too.

    • Avatar

      Hi Tucker, any update after that? How’s your sugar reading nowadays? My wife is diagnosed with diabetes a few days after vaccine, 2 weeks after to be accurate and it makes me think how suddenly when she feels fine. Blood test was done just as a part of routine as it wasn’t done since over a year and found this but strangely no symptoms. Sugar was high in blood test which was 1 week after 2nd dose of vaccine, 1 week later did a diabetes fasting test and sugar is even little higher. Did anyone’s blood sugar level came back similar to before vaccine let’s say in 1-2 months time ?

  35. Avatar

    T2 for 21 years and insulin free. Steady 6.0-6.2 Since second Pfizer vaccine in February now my A1c average is climbing 6.3 3 months ago now 6.9 I’m on whelcol, metformin and jardience. Just a coincidence after 21years or…after vaccine side effect? Anyone else good for this long with problems after vaccine?

  36. Avatar

    Don’t be afraid? My T1D daughter (age 32) went into DKA after receiving the second dose of the Moderna vaccine. She was in the hospital for 3 days. She wound up back in the hospital 6 days later with DKA again. The first admission was her first time to ever have DKA. Everyone one of the medical professionals she talked with agreed that the vaccine triggered it. My main concern is that all of these PSA’s and ads are pushing that everyone get vaccinated but no mention of possible side effects or reminders to talk with your doctor.

    • Avatar

      Hi Leslie! Hope your daughter is feeling better… I ended up in the icu with BG 656 and DKA after a month of taking Pfizer second dose. Been diagnosed with T1 and now taking insulin 4 times a day and hoping and praying that the vaccine effects get reversed! No one in my family has diabetes so took me more than a month to realize my blood glucose may be abnormal and is the reason for excessive thirst and feeling hot and hungry all the time!! Had blurry vision too! All symptoms started after 3 days after second shot.

  37. Avatar

    I took my 2nd shot of Pfizer on May 12 and experienced all the side effects listed on CDC’s website.
    I had been for my annual physical exam on Jun 10 and took bloodtest, surprisingly found my HBA1C level to be at 11% (no symptoms whatsoever). Re-checked it again and it came back as 11.3%
    My levels were in the range of 5.7-6.0 for the past 4 years; now I am type 2 Diabetic and have to follow medication.

    • Avatar

      Hi Rohit, did it come down since then or still same? Samr thing happened in my family but it’s onky been 2 weeks since 2nd dose and I m praying it’s a short term effect.

      • Avatar

        So I followed rigorous diet and 30 mins of brisk walk every day and it came down to normal in just 7-10 days. I was off medication within 3 weeks, doctors speculate the medication might have had no role in bringing down the glucose levels as it was mild. Monitoring further but staying with the healthy diet

        • Avatar

          Thanks for your reply Rohit. R u comfortable sharing your diet? Happy to mention my email id but if u share here, others may take some advantages of what worked for u.

  38. Avatar

    Before vaccination, my HA1c was always less than 5.5%. Shortly after 2nd vaccination it was 8.0%. I am 83yo female, underweight, 8k/day walker, who avoids processed or baked foods and sweetened beverages.

  39. As type 1 diabetes at 43 I got the Johnson and Johnson vaccine two days ago. 12 hours later about 3 am I woke and had high blood sugars at over 400. I have spent the past two days trying to get back to normal ranges for me…which is 110-120. The lowest I have gotten is to 219 and continue to see my sugars climb.

  40. Avatar

    I got the Johnsons shot. 6 Hours later I was tired and thirsty. Eventually drank 8-10 litres of water per day. Went to the hospital and was admitted immediately. Turns out that I have Type 1 diabetes.Bloodsugar reading of the chart. 5 Days in hospital and the level slowly dropped to 18 while the goal was between 4 and 7. Never had any symptoms or indications of high bloodsugar before in my 49 years on this earth. All started after my jab.

    • Avatar

      Hi Ni, any improvement since then?

      • Avatar

        Nope. Now a full on T1 diabetic with 28 Touijeo units per day and carefully watching my diet. My eye sight has improved and hopefully can go for glasses next month.

        • Avatar

          Sorry to here that Nic. Hopefully things improve for you gradually. Take care.

        • Avatar

          Hope u feel better soon. Please take care. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  41. Avatar

    My 20 year old son has been T1 since the age of 4. He is currently due for his second Moderna shot, but I don’t think he will ever get it. He had significantly increased insulin resistance for 2 to 3 weeks when normally his management is very smooth. He was sometimes seeing numbers in the 300s which is far from typical for him. He still managed to keep his A1C below 6 but he does not want to risk more blood sugar challenges. He will be out of the recommended window for the Moderna shot in just a few days but he is unfortunately very concerned of potential risks but will not talk with his endo about these concerns.

    • Avatar

      Are you still able to talk with his Endo? I still help my adult daughter when she gets overwhelmed by all the “medspeak”. We had to change Endo’s after she went into DKA (first time she ever has) and the previous Endo didn’t seem to care. He agreed the DKA was more than likely a side effect but wasn’t much help beyond that. My daughter’s new Endo is fantastic, she is very aware of the blood sugar side effects caused by the Moderna vaccine. Your son’s Endo may need to make some temporary changes to his insulin to help him past this. My daughter is finally settling out and most likely will need to adjust her dosing back down. I’ve recommended she call her Endo as soon as she can.

  42. Avatar

    I am a Type 1 and my blood sugars have been LOW far too frequently since my second vaccine. I got the shot on Thursday and today I was Low almost all day. I drank 2 juice boxes and a SanPellegrino, which is 33 gms. of carb, and it was still low.
    What is going on?

    • I have had the same problem. 4.5 months after 2nd dose. Not improving. So frightening. My Dr had advised me against the vaccine,until more research was available, but I took it because I was tired of living like a hermit for so long. Now he is not helping much with trying to find answers on this and kind of acts like he “told me so”, so I should just deal with the side effects. I feel like I am battling something unknown here and I am clueless, after 40 years of handling T1D pretty ok.

      • Avatar

        Hey Ryan, it might be time to find a new doctor. My daughter’s previous Endo was more engrossed with the lamination on her vaccine card than explaining why she wound up in the ICU. Then 3 days after that office visit she wound up in the ICU again. Both times it was DKA. She found a new Endo who is fantastic and even knew that high glucose levels were a side effect of the Moderna vaccine. She has worked very hard to get everything turned around. My daughter is doing much, much better but now is terrified of winding up back in the hospital.

        • Thanks so much for the response. I was just relieved to find this article and these posts, because my husband was even starting to make me feel like I was crazy. Now I at least know that other people are experiencing issues after the vaccines. Take care and best to your daughter.

          • Avatar

            Just remember Ryan – you got this! Over the years I have tried to teach my daughter that she has to take control. Even though she is an adult, I’m still “momma”. I was the one who went, got her and took her to the ER the first time. It’s very traumatic watching your child suffer. She truly felt peer pressured to that the vaccine and not enough people are aware of the side effects. I went with her to that appointment with her previous endo. He didn’t “care”. After her second admission to the ICU, we all starting asking even more questions. On a side note, I was SHOCKED at how they tried to treat her like a T2D. They wouldn’t let her count carbs or follow her routine but that’s another story (yes I understand there are protocols for DKA but this was when her numbers were better). The thing you need to take away from this – be a loud advocate and have your husband be your voice when you can’t speak. I am still so very angry, my daughter almost died but everyone still pushing the vaccine without telling the side effects. Share these posts and hang in there. – Leslie

      • Avatar

        Hi..took the 2nd pfizer 4 days ago. I am a healthy 54 year old and a health fanatic. My blood sugar went into the 40’s and I am very concerned. My husband who is a Medical doctor thinks nothing is wrong. Maybe he is sayingvthatcso I won’t get worried. I really hope it normalizes because I am afraid to go back to my normal routine.

  43. Avatar

    I hope someone is looking into this shot. I have nocturnal lows at 10pm to 1am ever since my first shot months ago. I am type 1 30years. Sounds like they need to look into why this is making the pancreas make insulin at certain times. I just ate 65 carbs and my blood sugar is at 85 with no insulin and pump off. My husband joked the first week and said” maybe they found the cure on accident” if it wasn’t for my Dexcom I would be in the hospital. I just got a service dog trainer for my puppy, because they can detect the low faster than the sensor. Absolutely scary, from high all the time struggling to getting a vaccine and having to shut off my pump for 3 to 5 hours some nights to stay alive. The vaccine usually messes up autoimmune disease and causes flare up. This is completely backwards. Someone needs to look into this.

    • Please update if you find anything. I have reported my issues to the CDC and Pfizer too. I have had type1 for 40 years, and I am experiencing the same issues. They are actually getting more severe with time, its now been 4.5 months since my 1st dose.

    • Same here! Too scary. No more vax.
      I’ve emailed
      Pfizer and cares to report to dangerous hypoglycemic events in a T1D veteran (37 years). I hope someone looks at the data and makes some cautionary warnings!

  44. Avatar

    Mine shot up both my sugars and Blood Pressure, gone to emergency room 3 times.

  45. Avatar

    I have been a type 2 for about 10 years (started as a gestational diabetes) ; controlled with metformin and diet only; my blood sugars have been very high since my two Pfizer vaccines in April. Low carbs, intermittent fasting, regular & strong daily exercise …..nothing helping. I am losing weight tho. I am very frustrated that the medical world doesn’t believe there is a connection. Their answer….take insulin now. I am devastated over this but this website was the validation I needed. I was searching the internet only to find answers and I did right here. But where do we go from here?

  46. I only got the 1st shot because of what it did to me. I’m too scared to get the 2nd one. Within 2-3 minutes of taking the Moderna, I felt rapid heartbeat, shaky, sweaty, nauseated, and truly felt I was going to pass soon. They checked my blood sugar and blood pressure and both were bottomed out. I was fine before they stuck me. It happened so fast. Took me at least 20 minutes and drinking OJ to recover. I then felt kinda bad the rest of the day and some sort of brain fog.

  47. Avatar

    My dad had the moderns vaccine I do believe, he had it probably around a month ago. He already knew he was type 2 but had it controlled with pills. He just got transferred out of the ICU to a regular patient room after going into the er with a blood sugar of 1092. He had ketoacidosis and is still not doing great at all. Is this something the vaccine could cause? His aic was high a 14.7 but that still doesn’t explain how he got his blood sugar that high. I’m just relieved he made it through and I really hope they can get it under control. They are going to have to put him on 2 different kinds of insulin now.

  48. I am type 1 diabetic for past over 15 years.My sugar levels were in normal range.Very good control .My Recent Hb1ac was 5.9 but after getting 2nd dose of Pfizer vaccine my BG levels are uncontrollable.Even after low carbs diet,I am getting above 280-300 readings and have to take so many extra units of Fiasp insulin to bring it down.

  49. Avatar

    I had my 1st vaccine last April and was fully vaccinated May 3. I never had high sugar…my husband is diabetic type 1 so I always monitor my sugar which range 90-124 highest and after I had my covid vaccine I stopped since I change my diet into more healthier and I run to the gym 2-3 times a week for a quick cardio…lessee carbs intake and sugar but 2 days ago I check my sugar and was terrified when the sugar meter showing 180 sugar levels…it scares me so much that yesterday I only eat 1 piece of bread and banana and still sugar was 155…I can say that this vaccine causes all of this sugar spike. I’m planning to be more strict with my diet because I don’t wanna end up having maintenance meds.

  50. Avatar

    Reading All these posts is a relief — except what do we do? I’m 37, t2d for 22 years, normal weight eat plate method. Aic maintained at 5.5 with diet, exercise and metformin then fenugreek. After the second pfyzer vaccine I was sick for 3.5 weeks. Then I started having daily panic attacks. Because I had the diabetes so tightly controlled I wasn’t pricking daily anymore until 3 weeks ago. My numbers are all over the place – going up to 145 right after a meal then down to as low as 75 within the hour of eating. I also have a consistent high at 3 am and feel symptoms of low blood sugar at about 115 with sudden drops to 90. Using a freestyle libre right now.

  51. Avatar

    I have no prior history of blood sugar problems. I am 62, not overweight and am on the treadmill or stationary bike every day for an hour. I eat well but do have the occasional cookie, etc. I had bloodwork done last January for an insurance policy and all was fine. I got the Moderna vaccine on 5/8/21. I had swollen lymph nodes under both arms after the first vaccine, but that was all. They went away after a few days. After the second vaccine, within that first 10 minutes I became dizzy, but that went away after about 5 minutes. I understand that may mean an allergic reaction. I had my annual physical on 6/28/21 and turned out prediabetic. I really believe it was the vaccine. My mom was prediabetic in her 80’s but she was also sedentary and overweight. I go back for a re-check in October and am hoping all is back to normal. I wonder if I did the right thing getting the vaccine since I believe I had COVID in December of 2019 and it was just what I thought was a cold with a cough that lasted over 2 weeks and I got pink eye which is a rare symptom.

  52. Avatar

    Hi. In Australia. Thank you for comments. I have had good BG control (usually 6-8 range) for over 17 years. ( started gestational-type 2-insulin). I had my first AstraZeneca on 1st May. On 2nd May readings were over 13, on 3rd over 16. Kept taking more insulin. Referred to an endocrinologist who changed night insulin from Levemir to Toujeo and increased one shot of Novorapid by 2 units. Readings going up and down all day. Nobody seems willing to relate it to the vax except on this board so thank you for reassurance. .

  53. Avatar

    I’ve experienced hypoglycemia issues about 6 years ago but have since been doing great as I’ve managed my fitness and eating habits better. I do have Hashimotos but have been working closely with my endocrinologist to manage it.
    I had the first Moderna shot in April and second in June.
    I can’t help but wonder if my issues lately are related to the vaccine. I’m grasping for answers here but I’m so confused.
    I have not been diagnosed with diabetes and my A1C recently tested is fine, along with my metabolic panel.
    However, I’ve had 4 days now where I’ll wake up in the morning, stand up to get ready for the day, and feel overcome by dizziness, cold sweats and numbness. The first time it happened in August, I passed out and woke up moments later on the floor. The last few times, I’ve made it to a bed to lay down with my feet up, which seems to prevent passing out.
    I’m not even sure what I’m looking for on this page but I wanted to share and just stay how confused and frankly, scared I am some days when this happens. I’m chasing doctor appointments and I’ve been referred to a cardiologist and neurologist next. I feel like I’m grasping at straws here.

    • Avatar

      I’m so glad I found this board! 3 weeks after my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine I woke up in the morning and almost fainted and felt sick for several hours.

      Today is exactly three weeks after my booster and the exact same thing happened.

      I have had hypoglycemia before but never anything like this. These symptoms were very different and from what I’ve read are symptoms of very low blood sugar.

  54. Avatar

    I am a nurse and have been forced to have the vaccine after having Covid (mild symptoms) 2 months ago. I had the J&J today. I ate before I went and have never had problems with my blood sugar unless i didnt eat all day but 3 hours after I was suddenly sweating and shaking and didnt think I would make it home. My blood sugar was 39. I ate a PB&J sandwich and ate dinner. Now, 5 hours after dinner, i have just treated a blood sugar of 43. Additionally, i have developed hives all over. I have had allergic reactions to various things but never had hypoglycemia as part of an allergic reaction.

  55. Avatar

    I always had long run blood sugar in norm! (HbA1c), I checked it 3,5 months after my second Pfizer shot and HbA1c was whopping 45 (42 is the upper bound). Terrible! I can only hope it would return to normal eventually.

  56. Avatar

    My mom aged 69 took her vaccine ( Covishield ) in India on 12 Sep 21. She got fever the next day and on the 3rd day she fainted and was out for 2 minutes. Ever since, her BP has been high and sugar abnormally low. We did an MRI Scan, Echo and blood tests and everything seems normal.

    But ever since the vaccination my mom has become very weak and her sugar levels are super low. She is now managing her diet and having lots of white sugar as per Doctors recommendation.

    My mom had diabetes long time back which was controlled by diet and no intake of carbohydrates and sugar. But now it seems the vaccination has reversed the condition and she needs to take a lot of sugar.

    We are still investigating and keeping a close watch. This is just to help out anyone facing the same issue. Please take your personal doctors help and keep monitoring your sugar and BP levels after vaccinating. Only a very few % of people are negatively affected by this, so if left unattended , it could be fatal.

  57. Has anyone experienced high blood pressure since taking the moderna vaccine?

  58. Avatar

    I had my first Pfizer shot beginning of May 21, all my Type 1 symptoms ignited two weeks later (unquenchable thirst, frequent urination, lost 10 lbs quickly, eyesight went completely jittery, felt horrible overall), second shot end of May, officially diagnosed T1 days later. My A1C was 10.5 and BS in high 300s. M
    Panels a year before were all clear. No family history and no other infections close to this time. I revised my diet to low carb, am on a CGM, and managing through my “honeymoon” with 4 units of nightly Lantus.

  59. Avatar

    I had my second Pfizer shot on August 9, 2021. Two weeks later, I had incredible stomach pain and spent about 10 days curled up in a ball, then fell and couldn’t get up.

    My daughter found me unconscious and called an ammbulance. I was in DKA and spent six days in ICU, then another 12 in a general ward.

    Diagnosed as T1, two months before my 60th birthday. In the previous two decades, I have twice been told I had signs of prediabetes, but neither GP gave any advice about it or ever followed up on it, so I just forgot abut it until the DKA.

    Had my third Pfizer jab yesterday and have been unable to keep my BG from dropping. I’ve been injesting carbs like crazy and lowerred both my basal and bolus units, but it still keeps dropping. My Libre low glucose alarm has gone off six times since the jab, and would have gone off a few more times had I not caught it. Alarm is set at 3.8 mmol/L. The lowest I dropped yesterday was 2.9 mmol/L, but about an hour ago I was sweating profusely and feeling weird. No alarm, but when I checked my reader it was on one of those annoying 10-minute timeouts. Did a fingerprick test and I was at 1.9 mmol/L.

    At no time have I taken insulin without also consuming a meal containing carbs.

    This has to be yesterday’s Pfizer vax. I have never experienced this many lows before.

    At what point do I panic and call an ambulance? I have no glucagon at home.

    • Avatar

      PS. I actually had a good night last night. Only woke twice and was in normal range both times. This morning, my regular morning high was much lower than usual. I took the lowest doses of my usual basal and bolus breakfast ranges and ate extra carbs. Soared to 21.2 mmol/L, so I went for a a short walk and it started to drop. It’s now almost lunchtitme and I just checked: 6.5 mmol/L and dropping rapidly. So I’ve had a high-carb snack and will wait to see what happens before I think about lunch.

      I did call the diabetes educator at my hospital after yesterday’s bad low. It was a bit of a frustrating call because my regular educator wasn’t there. The one I spoke to kept accusing me of bolusing carb-free meals. I don’t eat carb-free meals; I am trying to regain the 22kg I lost before my diagnosis and I actively choose high-carb foods to help with that.

      I felt that “diabetic rage” comming on when this educator would not listen to me, but we ended the call before it spilled out.

      Another of the educators called me this morning and (after speaking to my endo) suggested lowering my basal even further tomorrow to see how it goes. He’ll call me back on Friday to check in. He said that in the meantime, if I drop again to yesterday’s level I should call an ambulance.

      • So sorry for your hassles. Most of my patients went high after the vaccine, but anything is possible. You definitely need to get a glucagon kit, and you can always inject yourself if you feel you can’t eat enough to keep you from dropping. In the meantime, cutting your insulin is a good idea.

  60. Avatar

    After my first jab… My high blood pressure and my diabetes spiked… Nou after the second jab.. My suger is lower as ever and my whole body has burning sensations…. That is really noy nice, as i have fibromyalgia

  61. Avatar

    I was vaccinated (Pfizer) last April and was diagnosed with T1D in October, but from my A1C and weight change I was probably in DKA for a few months leading up to my diagnosis. Hopefully this was not a result of being vaccinated, but the timing between the two events is suspicious. It may be worth filing a CICP claim through the HRSA – hopefully enough of these claims will suggest a link and prompt more research

  62. Avatar

    My significant other was just diagnosed with T1, had to go to ER as his glucose was upper 500’s, very close to 600. He exercises 5x a week, eats healthy, very fit. We suspect the vaccine most likely triggered this, or covid, but as far as our knowledge has never actually had covid and never showed signs of illness. He has no family history. Time for everyone to start reaching out to share their stories and bring attention to this, this affects people for life.

  63. Avatar

    One week after the Pfizer booster shot, i had an attack of hypoglycaemia, never ever had this before. I was scared and didn’t know how to react or what was happening to me. Now that I read all these comments I am even more concerned. Will that go away? How can I prevent this from happening again?

  64. Avatar

    Our 4-year-old daughter got the pediatric Moderna vaccine in late June this year, with a second dose in late July. Shortly after the second dose she began experiencing all the classic T1D symptoms: nighttime thirst and bedwetting, blurred vision, and noticeable cognitive impairment. We have no T1D family history, and at least my own genome (per 23andMe) shows no T1D risk factors. We brought her to her pediatrician in mid-August, who recommended a UA test; they told us they didn’t suspect that anything was wrong, and that they would call us if anything was out of the ordinary; that no news was good news. They never called us back. Our daughter’s symptoms worsened over the next several weeks, until finally in late September we decided to retest her ourselves at home. A urine strip test revealed ++++ glucose and +++ ketones, and we brought her immediately to the ER, where she had BG 351, A1C 10.7, and DKA, plus positivity for three T1D antibodies. We called her pediatrician; it turns out they HAD LOST HER TEST, but that their system never caught the mistake and so they never reached out to us to retest.

    So now, regarding the vaccine and her T1D, there are three possibilities. One is that it was pure coincidence, and that the vaccine had nothing to do with it. Another is that the vaccine caused the T1D from whole cloth. A third intermediate possibility, is that she already had presymptomatic T1D from some earlier trigger (although she has never had COVID, and to our knowledge has never had enterovirus/coxsackie or any of the other common triggers), and the vaccine was the tipping point that caused it to become symptomatic. We will file a VAERS report of course, and hope that we may eventually find more information that would help us untangle correlation vs causation.

  65. Avatar

    I got my Moderna booster shot in march 2022 and in May was diagnosed with diabetes. I used to have low optimal sugar history and now its type 1.5 at age 38. The spikes are very strange and high and most of the times scary than looking at regular diabetes patients. Now on insulin. Any idea how to reverse moderna vaccines based diabetes?? I am sure there must be a way. If anyone knows please do share. Thanks.

  66. Avatar

    I have severe reactive hypoglycemia since sept 2021, after the second pfizer vaccine. I have no diabetes to date but the disease is still there. I control it with specific dietary and life style but still have some hypos when I do some exercise (then it happens the day following), also when i do something wrong with diet (like taking carbs in the morning) or if i am sick for any reason. Has anyone experienced that symptons since vaccine or covid and are still in place?

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