Dr. P Got Covid…His Most Surprising Symptom and Advice If You Get Sick

Dr. P takes us through his recent experience getting COVID, from what he did first after testing positive to how he treated his symptoms and adjusted his diabetes regimen.


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    Awesome video! I jug got tested +for COVID and as long I don’t talk too much I can bread! By muy yes! Shortness of breath is bothering some. I’m glad I can rest at home!

    When can I retest to see if I’m clear

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    Hey guys, I really respect both of you tremendously. I am a bit disappointed on how much you portray that having the vaccine and booster makes omicron so much easier to tolerate. The literature is out there that the vaccine & booster are doing very little to prevent transmission or contraction of omicron. 200 years of virology studies have shown the nature reduction in severity of a virus without the aid of vaccines even. Surprised that in the med community we have been told that there’s only one size fits all for todays vaccines and repetitive boosters over and over without consideration that everyone has their own health journey and a right to choose based on data what is right for them. I am a nurse practitioner and I have refused the booster after having omicron & natural immunity making a good choice for myself. The booster did not include omincron variant. As a type one diabetic that has national immunity it is better for me than getting repetitive boosters, which we have never enforced for the flu every year. Anyway, I am just surprised that we’re not communicating evidence based practice for each individual that has the right to choose what healthful practice is best for them. When we start mandating exercise & a healthy diet without preservatives only then will we see a healthier community not struck down by a cold/flu virus that Covid now has become. Just wanted to throw that out there that as providers we need to be open to prevention & treatments for Covid instead of a singular option. The data of side effects from this vaccine is growing especially in young boys/men. I have chosen not to vaccinate my sons based on weighting out the risks and they got omicron with me and thankfully did very well with natural protection.

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      EBM is showing both a significantly reduced hospitalization reduced mortality rate. I’m surprised anyone is still questioning that. The vaccines are safe and effective and have been administered over 600M times. The choice not to vaccinate is a personal one, but don’t make a decision based on “evidence” from a Facebook page.

    • I couldn’t agree more. My doctor advised me against getting the vaccine and I am really grateful. too many stories of serious side effects (especially after the booster).
      She prescribed Ivermectin (much-maligned is merely a horse deworming medication whereas it’s been used without side effects for decades for other reasons). I took it prophylactically)and she also had me get an antibiotic, & budesonide in case I got Covid and it went into my lungs, zinc and 9 to 10,000 IUs of vitamin D +10,000 mg of time release C and , except for a bad headache for a day and a half and two episodes of a sore throat that were banished by 50 mg of zinc under my tongue, I had only a little achiness and tiredness and came out of it in four days. but I quarantined for 10.

      I also got the Omicron virus and repeated the protocol but didn’t need the budesonide this time because it never went into my lungs. The only comorbidities I didn’t have were obesity and chronic high blood sugar. I realize that, because of that, what worked for me might not work for others, but I’m glad to be off the vaccine treadmill.

      and find the unscientific blaming of the unvaccinated for the spread of Covid disheartening and dangerous. glad not to see that in this post!

      • I forgot to add that I had a bad cough but it didn’t last long. And, Having suffered with walking pneumonia and bronchitis every winter all winter long for 10 years in my 20s I knew the feeling of the virus going down into my lungs and started the Budesonide in a nebulizer. but the recommendation of .5 ML? given by the front line doctors didn’t do much in Zalenko said up at to 1.0 and that banished it from my lungs and I didn’t have to go into the hospital because of it. So grateful because there they had been denying people the very things that brought me through it.

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    I had it in July, 2021. I got extremely sick with the gastric issues. Lost 20 plus pounds. I was tested but it was negative. Stayed ill for several more weeks. On 2nd trip to ER physician told me that I definitely had Covid and that my test wasn’t done properly. It’s now 2022 and I still have affects from it.

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    I am thankful you recovered well. My husband and son have Type 1 diabetes. I appreciate all you do to help others. Bless u.

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    Hey Dr. P. I got Covid during the holidays as well. I had similar symptoms. My blood sugar was a mess, but like you, I have a CGM (and a pump) which really helped. But I didn’t get a lot of sleep because the CGM alarm kept going off at all hours. I was vaccinated but didn’t have my booster yet. I’m almost 61 and it took about two weeks before I felt good again. I can’t imagine what shape I would have been in if I wasn’t vaccinated. Both of my daughters, in their 20s, also got it. My oldest daughter also has T1D and she had cold symptoms for a few days and was fine except for high blood sugar. I think a person’s age is definitely a factor.
    I’m glad you are feeling better. Thank you for the video about your experience. I’m sure this helps many people.

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      Thanks Laurie, and glad you and your daughters are better as well. It’s no fun, that’s for sure.

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    I just got over CV. I was definitely upset after doing everything right for 2 years– masks, vaxxed x3, no crowds. I probable picked it up when I went with a friend for a consult for kidney transplant eval. (she got CV also. I was not sick until I was sick. Biggest sx was chills, could not get warm. Did home test and was positive. Had fever to 102.2, runny nose and hacking cough. Pulse ox stayed at 95%. Began guaifenesin, aspirin and fluids. Blood sugars were ok, probably because I hardly ate. Happy to have a pump help manage. Anyway, better now except chills come and go and taste remains dull. Fortunately, no one in house got sick.
    Glad you are ok.
    Vaxxed x 3
    T1D x 40 years
    pump x 30 yrs.

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    Thanks for sharing this. Love your transparency. Glad you are okay.

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    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am so glad you are ok.
    Be safe! Be well!

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    Thanks that is good to know and am happy you recovered. I am also vaccinated and boosted. I also fear getting Covid.

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    Thanks for being so grounded and real!!! I smile whenever I watch you two!

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    Thanks for sharing.
    I contracted Covid in early December and do not remember ever being so ill. I had Fever, chills, body aches, headache, loss of smell, cough, brain fog and exhaustion. Fortunately I was able to stay at home, my biggest fear was the possibility of having to be hospitalized [I am 64 and have T2D ]. I spent the first week in bed, just getting up to go to the bathroom was EXHAUSTING. The second week I was able to go from the bedroom to the sofa for a change of scenery. Mid way through the 2nd week I would wake up and think …I am all better but after about 30 min I would realize I was not all better but improving [very slowly].
    I am an RN, CDCES and I work from home, doing diabetes education telephonically. By week 3 I could work a few hours a day before having to sign off and go nap. The brain fog and the complete exhaustion was no joke. It took about 6 weeks to fully recuperate and feel completely well.
    We had to cancel Christmas plans but I am very happy to have survived what my doctor said was a “mild case”.

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      Wow Cary, so sorry for what you went through. You are not alone in your experience unfortunately, and some symptoms seem to linger for a lot of people. Thank you for sharing, take care and stay well.

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    Really well done and reassuring! If I were a patient, I would be grateful for the honesty!

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    Thank you for sharing this information.
    I have encouraged all of our staff to listen to your experience.
    Many of our patients are getting Covid while pregnant and it is great to have some first hand advice about your BG control needs.

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      Thanks Trudy, stay well.

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        I have had Type 1 x41 years and am in good health . I’ve been vaccinated and booster x1. Should I even get the fourth booster considering it’s not focused on the Omicron variant and most people will catch it it anyways?

  14. Dr P, thanks so much for being candid and sharing your experience. I got Covid March 2020, was symptomatic (flu-like, chest pain, shortness of breath, then digestive system) until Nov 2020; then developed foot neuropathy. Diagnosed with T1d at age 57 (sudden onset after severe flu). History of ME/CFS, interesting correlation with long covid. Worst & longest nightmare ever. Validation of the experience is important. You did that!

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    Thanks for posting this! I just tested positive for covid today and I had been using in home tests too that said I was negative! I went to urgent care and they did a test there. I am pretty much freaking out right now because it is a vicious loop. My blood sugar had been a bit erratic to say the least, and I noticed real quickly that DayQuil spikes my blood sugar, and didn’t really help my symptoms. I finally found some diabetic tussin that shouldn’t effect my blood sugar. Oh and then since I was taking DayQuil I think the acetaminophen was also messing up my dexcom readings, and then I got an occlusion alarm on my pump while trying to bolus!

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    I love you guys and your practical knowledge as both doctors and people living with diabetes. This is the first post I have been disappointed with. Your “I’ve been vaccinated and boosted” comments really make me wonder how much you have been looking into Covid research rather than the media and pharmaceutical money of vaccines.
    Personal note. Got Covid, on 1/23 started feeling terrible. I had gone snowshoeing the day before and felt running myself down and getting chilled may have left myself more vulnerable. That said I was in bed Sunday, Monday AND Tuesday. Blood sugars were high in the 180’s to 200+. Fighting the highs with blouses and I didn’t even feel like eating. I was back to work on Wednesday even though I still was exhausted. No, I never tested but I am 100% confident I had Covid. My workplace had many people testing positive.
    I am NOT vaccinated and chose not to be because of all the risk factors of the vaccine. I have NEVER felt the being Type 1 has made me “less” healthy. It has actually made me more healthy. And thankfully my family more healthy too. I made it through Covid. Felt like shit and battled the highs that predictively come with illness. I survived. Not because of any vaccine but because of my health and my choices to manage my health, my diabetes, and yes, Covid.
    I really hope you guys can share your views on all of this without being perceived that you are being influenced and bought off like others in the medical community.
    Keep doing what you do as it is so helpful for us living with Type 1.

    • We definitely are sensitive to the issues you raise. In particular, that’s why we didn’t say in the video that you should get vaccinated and boosted, but rather, we were glad that we were. I agree with you in that there’s a lot of craziness gong on in the media world, and you can rest assured we will not be influenced by any of that.

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      Hi – I have now read several of you who are questioning the vaccine. It is disturbing to me that you immediately assume that anyone who gets the vaccine is a blind sheep who made a bad choice because “big pharma” told is to.
      I am a reading, thinking, analytical human who could hardly wait for the vaccine. Do you inow anything about how vaccines work? Do you understand the significance of what happens when a bunch of people decide not to stop a virus? Do you even understand how viruses replicate? Have you read any one of the clinical trial reports? Do you onow how mRNA works?
      We’ll never be rid of this virus now, and don’t blame the vaccine for that. Blame people who “don’t trust it” because they read something on Facebook.
      Hospitals are completely overwhelmed by the unvaccinated. Coincidence? Ask an ER doc what they think. I have.
      You are free to get a shot or not, but understand what it is, exactly, and what burden a choice to not get it puts on others.

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    Dr. Pettus: So sorry to hear you came down with Covid, and very happy to hear you are back to good health. Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s info I hope I never have to use, but provides confidence if I do wind up with the virus. As always, you are a great help in making life with T1D easier. Thanks from one of your patients — Edmundo.

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    Happy to hear that you are recovered. Did you get any of the recent COVID pills that are being used to treat COVID in high risk immunocompromised people?

    • No, but we’re going to talk about all those options at our TCOYD Live event on Feb 16th at 11am pacific time. You can tune in via Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

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    I am Type 1 (60+ yrs) and also a 15 yr. kidney transplant. Over the past two yrs, masking, vaxed and boosted last yr, we caught Omicron a month ago. Two close friends connected with one of the Nephrologists in my Dr’s practice and got both husband and me infused with Sotrovimab less than a week after we both tested positive. Husband has recuperated well (a bit of sinus fallout) and I still have a minor fever but we both stayed at home after the infusions and were truly fortunate to have our angels looking out for us. Sotrovimab is “investigational” and for use in mild to moderate Covid-19.

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    Feel better Dr. P. I’ll see you at UCSD next appointment.

    Went to Utah for a work meeting in mid-January and got a parting gift of covid. Test at Cal State San Marcos 3 days after returning home. I am an unvaccinated individual so I am glad my body fought it off. My BG numbers were high for a couple weeks even though I did not have much of an appetite either. Dizziness and confusion were the worst part of it for me. Chills and body aches were very short lived early on. Finally starting to feel decent again 3 weeks later.

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