Dr. E+P’s Top Tips for Newly Diagnosed to Diabetes Legends

  1. Can’t wait til 3/19/22!

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    You two are the best.

  3. Your Video was informative, but too optimistic.I am a recently diagnosed Type 2. I also am poor, not having a paying job for longer than I would like to admit. I do have Medicare Part B and D only(not Part A). My health care provider makes me use the finger prick FreeStyle Lite device. I can’t burden the Taxpayers with a CGM.(My doctor doesn’t want that either). I just hope that I will not develop Complications of Diabetes 2: i.e. Eye Problems, Heart Problems, Kidney Problems.I would just ask you 2, Dr. E and Dr. P, what price a human life? I am an older person. I have NO friends, no wife, no children. I don’t want to die soon. Life is disappointing when you have Type 2 Diabetes.

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    You recommend a CGM for Type 2’s which I agree with since I use the Freestyle Libre 14 Day. How do we get Medicare to cover these devices for us?

    • Currently, Medicare does cover CGM for people with type 2 who are on 3 or more shots of insulin per day (or pump therapy) but they should loosen up the rules. As CGMs for people with type 2 are utilized more and more, and the results are proven effective, Medicare will eventually have to come around.

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    Loved the video
    ! But add visit your CDCES when newly diagnosed, medication change, or new complication!

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    I learn so much from you two! I am also from beautiful San Diego (born and raised) now living in Arkansas. I watch all of your videos and attend the virtual conferences as well. Keep up the good work! ❤️😀

  7. Hi, I am a type 1 diabetic for 54 yrs the older I get the more this disease controls me I have a tslim pump and hate it my sugars are high constantly esp when I eat love the two drs thanks so very much for Tcoyd website please please help me !!

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