Q&A with TCOYD’s Top Endos

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    I recently watched the latest video – type 1 Advanced (May 2022) I use Dexcom cgm and tandem control IQ insulin pump. I do use the tconnect site and therefore most of the screens were familiar. However I can not find the screen that shows GMI, standard variability, ambulatory glucose profile. I also can’t figure out how you were able to change the sounds for alerts and alarms.

    Did find. this video extremely helpful and some excellent tips I plan on discussing with my Endo in NJ and diabetes educator and tandem educator I am working with.

    • You have to download the G6 app to your phone, where you can change all your settings for alerts and alarms, and you should also download Dexcom Clarity, and you’ll get all the info I talked about.

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