Diabetes and Marijuana: What’s All the High – Er, Hype – About?

The marijuana industry is growing like a weed…there are countless options, varieties, strengths and formulations on the market in the U.S. alone. Some get you high, and some don’t have any mood-altering effects at all. But does marijuana in any form have an effect on blood sugars or other aspects of diabetes? Dr. Pettus recently received a grant to study this topic, and he and Dr. E explain more below.


For a deeper dive into the subject, watch Dr. P’s lecture from one of our recent virtual conferences:




  1. Why can’t you do experiments on the CBD gummies because they don’t get people high, yet it has been found to help to shrink inflammation of pancreas. CBD is also being studied by other diseases that have inflammatory components like helping people with Multiple schlerosis. When the pancreas isn’t inflammed, it seems that it works better in processing the sugars in the body. Dr. Oz and other people are advocating CBD to help with all kinds of ailments, one of them: diabetes.

    • Pure CBD is much easier to study and has definitely been proposed to help with everything under the sun. Evidence in diabetes has not shown much, if any, positive effect.

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    Hello question,I see alot of info on Dexcom & Libra, and I use medtronic 670G pump & the contour next link meter& I use the medtronic guardian sensor 3, I just never have or heard anything on the medtronic. So where can I see info, seminars, podcast on the medtronic devices, & which do you think is better the Dexcom or medtronics?

    • Dexcom definitely has the most accurate sensor, along with the Eversense. No calibration needed, and more comfortable. If your doctor ever gave you a choice, then you should fire him or her!

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      Hi Pam. I would check out youtube, just search for medtronics cgm.

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    I can add two more anecdotes:

    First, I believe THC may indeed be increasing insulin sensitivity. I’ve had several lows while under the influence that I can’t explain otherwise (No exercise, no track record of lows at that time of day, and highly unlikely that I over bolused).

    Second, lows do not feel the same. In fact, I find them harder to detect as well as less likely to awaken me from sleep. Thus lows seem to get noticeably lower and more disruptive before I realize it, except for CGM warnings. I won’t partake if I don’t have a good CGM session going. If the sensor is acting up, or on it’s last day, I abstain until I have a fresh CGM session.

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    Watched both videos. Both well done and informative. I appreciate you saying what we don’t know about the effects of marijuana. I think that is the most important takeaway.

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    I have Type 1 and have smoked cannabis off and on for 20 years. I have used it to make me hungry. I truly believe it helped keep me alive after my 13 year old son was killed in an accident. I had no desire to eat for months. The thought of food upset my stomach. That doesn’t work for a Type 1 diabetic. Cannabis allowed me to eat the meals I needed for my health. Don’t know what I would’ve done without it.

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      We’re so very sorry for your loss, Mandy. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Take good care.

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    Last year I broke my left arm and required surgery to fix it. It took 3 weeks before the surgery and I was given oxycodone for pain and more after surgery.
    Because I didn’t want to be addicted I talked to my doctor about other pain medicine and marijuana she said because of my lungs not to smoke or vape and to use edibles
    I stopped the oxiy and managed my pain without being high

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    I look forward to the results of your study. The Feds of course, have not legalized marijuana yet so I’m sure it will take quite some time to get this study going. I look forward to the results of your study and thank you for doing it.

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    I suppose my experiences only qualify as anecdotal evidence, but I believe marijuana (in small or moderate amounts) has helped lower my blood sugars. My theory is that THC/CBD reduces the level of stress hormones, which typically raise glucose.

    In contrast, a single cup of coffee with a tablespoon of sugar-free half and half will send my blood sugar over 200 mg/dL… because caffeine is a stimulant.

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    Jeremy, Your talk was informative.
    It is against law in NC and according to NC Board of Nursing using would mean forfeiture of license.
    My father-in-law (aged 87) was found lying outside in freezing temps in Michigan. I went there and was asked about why he had Cannabis in his blood stream? He spoke of a woman giving him chocolate
    candy/questionable brownie.
    An important thing to remember for those selling in legal places is to identify the cognitive
    ability of the user. Just like alcohol.
    And the warnings of potential effects especially with other substances.
    ie: Dual use Depression= Marijuana and Alcohol at the same time (party)

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    I’m a type 1 Diabetic, for 26 of my 52 years life can be quite difficult. At some point my appetite got affected in a negative way. Food sometimes is too gross to stomach. Well with diabetes once you’ve done any short acting insulin you gotta eat or die. This is just how it is for me.
    When I was 33 I injured my back. Immediately I was put onto oxycontin and oxycodone. Became severely addicted and became a heroin addict.
    Now clean from all opiates forever! Pot helped with the getting off opiates, helps with digestion, weight stabilizer (170lbs), mental stability etc. Anyway I love the USA but our government needs just a nanoparticle common sense in these areas. They will get everyone addicted to some hardcore opiate with the FDAs approval and that was the choice in 2003. Instead of having a cheap reliable substance, marijuana for people who have had great physical injuries while coping with a disease that takes no prisoners but our government does.

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