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As important as social distancing is to keep everybody safe during these times, we recognize that a major downside of these regulations is isolation—isolation from your loved ones, community and even your healthcare providers. And that’s why now is more important than ever to carry out our 2020 goal of Putting the Unity in Community. Although we may not be able to be with you in person, we’re still here to bring education and motivation. We’re consistently adding to our array of online resources and information to empower the diabetes community and to reach communities where healthcare resources are lacking during this difficult time and beyond.

You may have noticed we’ve done a few touch-ups on our website and we’ve really been using this time to create new content, share ideas and expand our online resources—but we never really gave you a tour. Check out the best places to find what you need on the TCOYD website:

Living With Diabetes:

If you’re living with diabetes, this is your place to get involved. Head here for all event information (live and virtual), access to the TCOYD drug discount card and your connection to our online community network of type 1s, type 2s and type 3s.

Healthcare Professionals:

For all you medical pros out there, you can learn more about our upcoming events (live and virtual), watch our online endurings and join our collaborative group of diabetes professionals living with T1D themselves at

Diabetes Topics A-Z:

Head here for any and all articles and videos ever published by our wonderful faculty, partners, sponsors and community members. You can scroll by most recent or you can search for the exact topic you want to know more about including educational advancements, device and pharmaceutical announcements, research developments, clinical trial opportunities, unique and tasty recipes and relatable personal accounts. Be sure to check out our official COVID-19 Info page for all the content we’ve published related to COVID-19.

TCOYD Video Series:

These videos are as entertaining as they are educational. Check out what each segment offers.

  • Basics and Beyond: A how-to video guide for people who are newly diagnosed and trying to navigate the world of diabetes. Viewers can choose from five unique areas of diabetes education and info; Diabetes 101, The Emotional Side, Exercise & Nutrition, Just for Type 1s and Just for Type 2s. Each area of education encompasses a series of short, easily-digestible tips that individuals can put into action now in order to live a healthier and happier life with diabetes.
  • Edelman Report: Drawing on inspiration from the comedic Colbert Report, The Edelman Report brings type 1s, type 2 and medical professionals educational videos addressing the most asked, and usually controversial, questions in diabetes care. With a mix of humor and education this short and sweet video series keeps viewers laughing, engaged and informed on the newest and most exciting happenings in the world of diabetes care and management.
  • Virtual Events: You can take the presenter out of the convention center, but you can’t take the engagement out of the presentation. Although we’ve moved some of our events online, we’ve maintained the “live” aspect as we believe that’s what drives motivation more than anything. We invite you to attend our virtual events live so you can get your questions answered on the spot and network with your fellow attendees, but if for any reason you’re unable to watch live, you can check out all our virtual recorded events here. Bonus: you can post your questions in the comments and we’ll be sure to answer. Keep in eye out for more event recordings in the upcoming weeks.
  • Facebook LIVE: As part of our virtual events, we’ve been consistently hosting Facebook Live Q&A sessions featuring Drs. Edelman and Pettus with various diabetes experts and community members. Based on suggestions from our community, the docs delve into current topics and answer questions asked by viewers on-the-spot to help them feel confident about managing diabetes during this unpredictable time.
  • Live Lectures: We’ve uploaded our best live lectures from our TCOYD Conference and Health Fairs and our ONE weekend retreats. Viewers can choose from ground-breaking presentations given at our 25th Anniversary conference in San Diego, the entire weekend of ONE lectures from 2017, 2018 and 2019, or need-to-know presentations chosen by our medical faculty. Whether you weren’t able to attend an event, or want to refer back to an impactful lecture, our Live Lecture Library has everything you need to know from our most educational and life-changing events of the year.

We know that these uncertain times are tough, but you are not alone. TCOYD is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and we’re so grateful to our awesome community for helping us grow and supporting one another. We cannot wait to reunite, but in the meantime, we want you to know we haven’t’ stopped spreading the education and motivation and we’re only just a click away!


If you would like to support our special online programs to keep us all connected during these circumstances, please click below.

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    I am 80, been Type 1 for 40 years, have too many highs and lows, interested in a CGM. Would Dexom G6 be wise for me? Would like to talk to someone who has one. Don’t fully understand how it works, especially regarding use of insulin, etc. Does Medicare cover it? Which system does Dr. E use?

    • The Dexcom G6 would be the best thing ever to happen to you. I use it myself and you can email me directly and I can put you in touch with a Dexcom person to help you get in touch with someone in your area. Medicare approved as well. What took you so long?! My email is:

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      Thank you for ALL of these resources! What a life-line. I have been looking through all of your articles and just signed up for 2 of your virtual conferences. I am over the moon for these opportunities. Thanks again!

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