A New Diabetes Care Company Is on the Scene

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Introducing embecta

On April 1, a new, yet familiar player entered the diabetes management space – embecta. embecta, formerly part of BD, is now one of the largest pure-play diabetes care companies in the world, leveraging its nearly 100-year legacy in insulin delivery to empower people with diabetes to live their best life through innovative solutions, partnerships and the passion of more than 2,000 employees around the globe. The new, publicly-traded company (Nasdaq: EMBC) has deep roots in diabetes care, starting when BD introduced the world’s first specialized insulin syringe in 1924.(1)

The company’s vision is a world where life is unlimited by diabetes. As one of the leaders in insulin delivery for almost a century, embecta’s pen needle and syringe products reach an estimated 30 million people living with diabetes in over 100 countries. (2) The company produces more than 7.0B units globally on an annual basis. (2)

In addition to developing and providing solutions for people with diabetes, their families, and the healthcare network around them, embecta also provides extensive educational materials across the diabetes care ecosystem. The company helps to develop peer-reviewed education for HCPs, delivers education tools to facilitate meaningful conversations between patients and pharmacists, and directly reaches patients through its digital diabetes management resources, like its app.

With innovation at its core, embecta plans to continue its journey with a pipeline of products under development, including improvements on existing products and the creation of entirely new ones. The company has stated that it will invest and build on their innovations, remain committed to providing patient-centric educational initiatives and user experiences to help improve outcomes and build on its collaborations with leading organizations acting on impact initiatives that advance diabetes care.

For more information about embecta, visit embecta.com.


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  1. While I appreciate all of the new devices produced, it’s hard for me to believe that a cure cannot be found. The “diabetic industry” (devices, products, etc, etc,) is THRIVING, so much so that a cure must be out of the question business-wise!! I have been using all of the products for 56 years 🙁 🙁 ! It’s time to put some energy in figuring out how to stop the body from killing off Beta cells! 🙂 🙂

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    I agree 1 million percent.

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    I agree I have had it 48 years it does not get any easier I hate it. I would love to try a pump but how many of use have $10 thousand dollars to get one.No matter how hard I try my sugars have never been stable they have been all over the place I absolutely hate it

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