Tandem’s Mobi Insulin Pump Gets FDA Clearance

Tandem's Mobi Insulin Pump

Introducing the Tandem Mobi

Insulin pump options for people with diabetes just got bigger (and smaller) with the FDA’s recent approval of Tandem’s Mobi insulin pump. Mobi is roughly half the size of Tandem’s t:slim X2 and is so small you can fit it in that tiny little pocket of your jeans that never seemed to serve a purpose, until now.

The Mobi looks like it’s going to be an excellent device. It has all the hybrid closed-loop tech (details below) and is powered by the same Control-IQ technology that powers Tandem’s t:slim X2, but it’s so much smaller. Mobi holds 200 units of insulin compared to t:slim X2’s 300 units, but the majority of people with type 1 don’t need that big of a reservoir. I personally would try this pump!

Unlike the t:slim X2, Mobi will not have a touch screen and will instead be fully controlled by a mobile app. There is an on-pump button though for people to manually bolus if they don’t want to bolus with their phone. Mobi is currently only compatible with iPhones, but will hopefully integrate with Androids soon. A list of compatible iPhones will be released closer to commercial availability.

Overview of Features:

  • Approved for people with diabetes ages six and older who require insulin
  • Control-IQ technology (C-IQ technology uses CGM data to predict blood sugar levels and adjusts insulin delivery every five minutes to prevent highs and lows and help users spend more time in range)
  • Roughly half the size of the t:slim X2 pump
  • 200-unit insulin cartridge
  • 5-inch tubing option
  • Wireless charging capability
  • Remote software updates
  • Water-resistant (tested at 8 feet for 2 hours, IP28 rating)
  • Led status indicator

Mobi can be worn almost anywhere, offering more discretion, comfort, and wearable options. You can clip it to your clothes, you can slip it into the coin pocket of your jeans, and you can wear it on-body with a lightweight adhesive sleeve (sold separately).

When Will Mobi Be Available?

A limited release of the Mobi system is expected to start in the U.S. in late 2023, with full commercial availability expected in early 2024. Current t:slim X2 customers with at least 12 months remaining on their pump warranty can find more information on how to switch to the new Tandem Mobi through the Tandem Choice Program.

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We’ve got so many great diabetes device options to choose from now, and the list keeps growing!


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  1. Avatar

    New Mobi sounds awesome. I love my Tandem tslim. But the Mobi system sounds even better. Is this pump covered by Medicare? My current pump is out of warranty in 2024. I think.

    And, when will the software upgrade be available so that I can get started on the G7 with my Tandem tslim pump?

  2. Avatar

    I can’t currently give myself an extended bolus with my phone and I definitely would not give up an extended bolus to get the mobi. Do you know if all the features that come on the actual t-slim pump would be on the app that will provide boluses for the mini? I want to know exactly what I would get if I decide to get the mobi as I will be making a decision in the next few months as my warranty for my t-slim recently ran out. Thanks, Anita

  3. Avatar

    I’m wondering if the pump itself still alarms independently of the smartphone when BG is low. We’re not always near the phone and that alarm is a very necessary thing for my peace of mind.

  4. Avatar

    I have seen told the mobi exchange program is not available for Medicare recipients. I have been a type 1 for over 50 years and in very good control with A1c of 5.7 to 5.9 for the last 5 years. The mobi will not be available for me in the exchange program. I ask why ?

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