A Dose of Dr. E: These 4 Minutes Can Save Your Life- Don’t Die of Heart Disease!

  1. Great advice. Looking forward to learning more this Wednesday.

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    I think he is great with his advice. I was at a conference with him. He speaks in easily understandable words. This tip on the heart is fantastic. Thank you dr. 😁

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    Thank you Dr. Edelman – I am always looking for your advice.

    I am type 1 with osteoporosis. Do you treat your type 1 patients with fosamax, actonel, etc?

    Wishing you perfect blood sugar readings,

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    I have a history of heart disease in my family, and as a type 2 diabetic have been keeping close tabs on this. Thanks for the info, Dr. E….just had my metabolic panel done and I’m within range with everything you said. However, it is good to know what to strive for – sometimes you just look at the report and it have no idea what everything means! Always appreciate your input, especially from someone who is living with diabetes and understands the frustrations that go with blood sugar control!!!

  5. Hi Dr. E;
    What role if any does exercise have in the patient outcomes?

    • A big role – there is too much data to count showing the benefits of exercise, especially in people with diabetes.

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    Why does the recommended LDL level keep going down? When I first visited my endocronologist in the 1980’s, the advice was to keep LDL below 135. Now, it’s under 70 for some people. Total cholesterol was borderline high at 230. Now total cholesterol should be lower than 200.

    Secondly, isn’t the ratio of HDL to total cholesterol a better indicator of heart health?

    I have lots of questions.

    Larry Nardolillo

    • Hi Larry,
      Those are excellent questions. The answer to the first is that large scale clinical trials looking at the ideal LDL level have shown much less heart disease on the new lower limits of less than 100 for every person with diabetes and less than 70 if you have had some type of cardiovascular event already. The total cholesterol is something I don’t look at because it could be elevated because you might have a very high HDL, which is very protective. I focus on the LDL, HDL and triglycerides. Regarding your second question, HDL to LDL is the best ratio.

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