I Work in Healthcare and I Have Diabetes. Should I Still Be Working?

As I mentioned in my video on diabetes and COVID-19, people with diabetes (either type 1 or type 2) who are in good health with no underlying medical conditions are not at a higher risk of getting the coronavirus than anyone else their same age. For many folks (but not all) with type 2 diabetes, their risk may be higher since they are typically older, have weight problems and have had a history of heart disease. We know for sure that very poor and chronic glucose control (i.e. A1c above 8.5%) can reduce the effectiveness of the immune system and lower its ability to fight off a virus or any infection. This applies to healthcare workers with diabetes as well. I am working at the hospital every week, but I wear protective gear like anyone else. People with diabetes need to be the most vigilant about social distancing, hand washing and not touching our faces! I also suggest wearing a mask and gloves when going out to the store.


If you work in healthcare and also have type 1 diabetes, please visit our sister organization weareonediabetes.org to connect with other diabetes professionals around the world.


  1. I am 70 years old with HBP DIABETES and work an essential job in a medical building as a security guard. I cannot be laid off because work is available. Cannot take Famila I will not get paid and may not get my job back. Is there any information regarding my situation.

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