Facebook Live: Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Edema & Diabetes-Related Eye Care

Dr. Edelman speaks with ophthalmologist Dr. Blake Cooper about diabetes and eye health, addressing some of the most common questions about eye disease prevention, routine eye exams, retinopathy, macular edema, and treatment options for complications if they do develop.

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    Hi Everyone,
    Oddly enough I caught this live streaming event one day after making an appointment at a retina specialist near my home in Birmingham, Alabama.
    Thank you so VERY VERY much for your candid interview. I was so afraid of the idea of an injection in my eye that I cancelled a previous appointment when the hemorrhaging improved before the scheduled appointment.
    The importance of the injections for PDR hit home with me and I kept my appointment on October 1st. I received Avastin injections after the numbing injections in both eyes and am looking forward to fighting PDR and my fear of eye injections.
    Big hug for Dr. E and Dr. Cooper for saving g what vision I do have! Thank you for covering the importance of injections before the appearance of floaters for those who are unaware that damage may already be present!
    Sincerest gratitude,
    Margaret Bailey

    • Dear Margaret,
      Thank you so much for your kind note about your eye situation and visit to your eye doctor. Your story alone makes it very gratifying for the both of us, knowing that we helped. Stay well.
      Dr E and Dr. C

  2. Thank you for this healthy information, we should check our eyes at least every 3 month

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