The Pizza Challenge: Steve and Jeremy’s Battle of the Blood Sugars!

One type of food that messes people up the most is pizza, because you have to factor in the fat and protein in addition to the carbs when bolusing. Plus, fat and protein will affect your blood sugar for hours after you eat. Dr. E and Dr. P were up for the challenge to demonstrate how it can be done (you’re welcome) and they offered tips and advice along the way.


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    Thanks Guys for speaking my language (Afrezza not available in Canada)! For me, the Dexcom 6 and the Apple Watch was « The big game changer »!

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    How about a Coffee Challenge? I spike even with decaf with half and half and stevia. Thank you for taking the hits for me with all of the challenges! I’m a new (first week!) Tandem IQ pumper, T1D for 34 years. You made me more comfortable with making the change from Tresiba, Fiasp, and NPH mdi to the pump. First week was life changing, 100% TIR by day 6 and well above 70% for the entire first week!

  3. When on CIQ and giving afrezza how do you let your pump know that you gave it so you don’t get auto bolus and get low bg?

    Thanks for these challenges so I can help people with diabetes succeed.

    Lori R.N. CDE

    • Hi Lori,
      Because Afrezza works so quickly, the rate of change to your blood sugar will be fairly rapid, and then the algorithm picks that up. I’ve personally never heard of getting low on Afrezza, and I use Afrezza all the time myself.

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