Prediabetes: It’s Not Too Late for an About-Face!

What the heck is prediabetes? If it’s knocking at your door, is there anything you can do to stop it from coming in? Drs. E+P unravel the confusion around prediabetes and share treatment options that can help prevent or delay a type 2 diagnosis.


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    Very informative and I appreciate your time

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    Thanks very helpful . I was diagnosed with Pre diabetes the Dr didn’t even explain it . Just asked me if I wanted to start taking a pill .

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      Gosh those stories are way too common. Hope you’ve had better education since then, and/or hope you can find helpful info on our website! 🙂

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    I wish you had addressed the issue of LADA as many of us with LADA were first diagnosed with pre-diabetes and then Type 2 diabetes. I had a 10 year progression from Pre-diabetes to then getting a misdiagnosis of Type 2. I had to request antibody tests which my doctor said my insurance probably wouldn’t cover as it wasn’t necessary. GAD antibody was positive. I was 62 when correctly diagnosed with LADA.

    • We do have an excellent lecture on LADA from Dr. Schafer Boeder on our website and on our youtube channel. LADA is not prediabetes, it is actually type 1 diabetes, so it really did not fit in this Dose of Dr. E+P.

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    Is it possible to get these videos in Spanish?

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