Words of Wisdom from Drs. E+P to Start the Year off Right!

We’ve had diabetes long enough to know that there are positive aspects to living with this condition, and there are many reasons for us all to have hope that we can live a long, fulfilling, and healthy life. We picked six of our favorite inspirational quotes (and threw in a few bonus ones cause that’s how we roll) to start the year off on a positive note. Feel free to add yours in the comments below!

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    Thanks I really needed that

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    You both are so inspiring for the diabetes community and for health professionals. I am a CDCES and have been for many years but I always learn something new and I really appreciate all that you do. Your CE offerings are outstanding. There is a wealth of information not just from your professional knowledge but also your personal experience. The humor is a nice added benefit. Thanks for all you do!

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    Sitting in my living room, listening to your pep talk with a warm heart and smile. Your sharing means so much to me.
    Thanks and good health for all
    of us Type1s in 2023.

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    Should make the quotes a separate post that can be referred to or clicked and copied down
    and printed for the refrigerator

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    Thank you both so very much-I’ve had very poor control of my type 2 diabetes since I was diagnosed 12 years ago.
    That last quote just lifted me up to take control of my life back.
    Happy 2023,
    from Sharon in Co.Donegal,Ireland

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    More beans and whole grains for protein source, careful with harmful canola / vegetable oils, instead use olive oil / avocado . Plenty of veggies and whole fruit high water content. I dont agree with ” everything on moderation ” as mentioned, after 2 nutrition conferences, its a slippery slope and you dont want to go down that road esp with the uncontrolled dm patients with brain neuropathy

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      Thanks for your thoughts, Roody. Beans, whole grains, veggies, and olive oil are good options. Everyone needs to find what works best for them…thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks for the inspiring words Dr.s E and P. I’ve been following you guys for a couple of years and love your attitude. I’m 73, and over the 60 years I’ve had T1d I’ve seen it all. From glass syringes and no testing to pump and AGPs! My God, what a ride! No complications to speak of so far. My dad, a pediatrician, had type 1 also. He was 21 in 1941, a Navy cadet going to serve in the Pacific, when he developed it. Tried to hide it for a while, but soon had to be “medically discharged”. He was so ashamed of it that he never spoke of it, even in family. And he certainly didn’t let it ever stop him from doing the things he loved. In some ways, a great example for me, in others, not so much. He died of complications in 1987.
    Sorry, I digress….. I really just wanted to send you big huge hugs and my goal is ton someday meet you both in person! You are so inspiring. My diabetes heros!
    Love and hugs, Joan

    • Wow Joan, that means a lot – thanks so much. Come to our ONE conference in San Diego in August – we will be there in person!

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    Thank you. I live my life by these quotes. Type 1 for 50 years this month, no complications or medications, and am in better health than most of my 61 year old counterparts.

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    I always appreciate what you have to say and how you say it. I learn something new or become motivated to reinvest the time to learn more.

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    I love you guys, you always inspire me!

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    I love you guys you always inspire me! Thank you!

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    Thanks for the excellent presentation.

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