How to Take a Pump-Cation During Summer Vacation

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    How about using a monitor like POGO Automatic when you take a pump vacation?

    • Yeah, that’s a good idea if you’re not going to be on your CGM. We didn’t say take off your CGM, we said take off your pump, so nice try! 🙂 But if you have to prick your finger, the POGO makes it a lot easier.

  2. Great advice for T1D pump vacation.! I never asked for Lantus. Been on approximately 5 pumps since 1980. From a heavy very large pump to my wonderful Tanden x2 with IQ control, there is a probability, very low. Everyone should know how to implement a planned or unplanned pump vacation& correct timing ! Thank you

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    I’ve also had a pump since 1980. But was late to the CGM due to how unreliable they were initially. Now as long as you have a CGM my choice of insulin delivery is optional. I like to change it up for several reasons. My favorite was Tresiba and Afrezza. Amazing combo and best control I’ve ever had.

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    Great idea, but then have to remember to get a prescription for lantus. Basically have to see your Endo to accomplish this before going on vacation. Emails asking for a new prescription from Endo usually doesn’t work – have to be seen. Sigh!

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