A Dose of Dr. E: Avoiding Vascular Complications

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    Thank you for sharing this topic. I have been looking for more visuals to share with patients to help them understand the correlation with poor glycemic control and cardiovascular damage.

    Would have any other resources to recommend?

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      Hi Karessa,

      The American Heart Association website has lots of great patient education resources for healthcare professionals, and if we add anything more to our blog on this topic we’ll let you know! Thanks for your feedback!

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    Any information on known dangers of lowering your A1c “too fast” from high (above 8) to the normal range (below 5.5)? Or is it safe to get your A1c into the normal range as soon as possible?


    • There have been two big studies, one of them being the DCCT, that show a TEMPORARY WORSENING of diabetic retinopathy. Only temporary since the benefits of reduced eye issues go down over the long term. This has only been shown in type 1 diabetes.

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