A Dose of Dr. E: Glucagon: The Forgotten Stepchild of Diabetes Hormones

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    Great info! I have heard that glucagon can be given subcutaneously, and does not necessarily need to go into the muscle. A fellow t1 says that they have made the glucagon themselves when they were going low and used their insulin syringe to give themselves mini glucagon shots instead of treating the low with tabs or food. Thoughts?

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    I love these articles from you, so informative.

    Thank you!

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    Thanks for update I just checked my
    Pen it expired in 2007. So guess I need a new one thanks fto you I checked the expiration date

  4. You don’t go the the rescue glucagon kit unless you are doing the fried egg and can’t swallow? Did I hear that right? Or need to get up-to-date on my diabetes terminology?

    Great update on the issue of the current formulation of glucagon and all the new formulations that will be coming in the near future.

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    I H e always been told that glucagon is not a good thing to take because it messes up your liver. It works well when you are unconscious or fitting but don’t take it when you are at the gym and need a sugar boost… Carbohydrate is much better eg sweet biscuits,

    • Hi Emma,
      Glucagon at normal levels does not hurt the liver in any way, and studies are underway for use for hypoglycemia. In the meantime, enjoy those sweet biscuits with a slab of crunchy peanut butter on top for protein. 🙂

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    Dr Edelman put me on Glucagon in my pump since August 2012.
    It was and has been a Lifesaver for me. I think I might have one of first in the country and Dr Edelman one of the first Endocrinologist to do this also.
    It is 2020 and I am still changing it in my pump every 3 days.
    He is da Man

    • Randall…good to hear from you. You should ask your doctor about using the new glucagon preparation from Xeris called Gvoke. It is premixed and may be more stable. Hope you are well, and see you at our virtual conference this Saturday.

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