Facebook Live: Ask an Endocrinologist
General Diabetes Management and COVID-19

The docs have opened the floor to all questions related to diabetes management – and yes, COVID-19 questions were still fair game. Check out the tips Drs. Edelman and Pettus have for managing diabetes during this time and beyond, as they relay their personal experiences dealing with diabetes amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

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    Wondering how to connect with pump users, specifically Tandem T-Slim with their new app. I’m T1 for 50 years currently using Dexcom G6 and Novolog/Lantus pen injections.
    Kaiser has been difficult for me to get adequate input or info. Are there pump users to meet with near Sacramento? I just joined your T1 online group but- I just want to hear and see users site health when changing pumps every 3 days and if it is better than injections in their opinion.
    Currently, if a person is diagnosed as T1 they seem to automatically be put on a pump. I however am 6.1 HbA1c and have always injected. To me I like more freedom but I am depressed with the Dexcom and Tech telling me I am high or low again.
    Any input is great.

    • Cindy,
      Sounds like you have been doing well on injections, and now on the Control IQ. It should help you improve your time in range, and after you get used to it I predict you will like it. There are more and more folks on the CIQ, so keep looking via social media (you might want to start with this facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/375244712564233/) and you can always email Veronica Lode who works for Tandem, and she can send you in the right direction: VLode@tandemdiabetes.com

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