A Dose of Dr. E: The Best Low Calorie Drinks

Dr. Edelman doesn’t have many rules about food choices and diabetes (as you know if you’ve seen his donut challenge), but regular soda is at the top of his “forbidden foods” list. Here he shares 10 flavorful drink options that are low in calories and carbs, so please don’t waste your intake on regular soda, or Dr. E will hunt you down.

  1. Thank you so much for clearing up things about diet sodas and other lo cal, lo carb products. I like to use Stevia.

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    Loved the video on artificial sweeteners and great drinks!

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    this was great. can you please add a comment down here in which you list each one of those alternatives on the table and explain what the specific objection is for each (like: contains, aspertame or stevia, or whatever). (for me, I really can’t stand the taste of artificial sweeteners. So I go with naturally flavored clear seltzers. But I managed to go cold turkey on 3 regular Snapples a day, which I learned totaled about 100 extra grams of sugar.

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    Great Job Steve! Hope all is well, and you’re nice and healthy. Be well. Lynn Senecal

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    Have you tried Zevia??

  6. Have you tried HINT water? No sweetners or calories. Just fruit infused water.

  7. Good sense!
    Havent had a sugar soda in 40 years!
    Love TCOYD

  8. I live on “Hint” which is a water flavored with fruit extracts, is calorie and sugar free and is very refreshing. Plus, if you buy it online from “hint”, when they have a sale, you can get a good price and the shipping is free!!

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    Thanks for telling me exactly what I wanted to hear about diet soda and artificial sweeteners. You’ve eased my heavy guilty conscious.
    Thank you.

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    Be careful of stevia. People allergic to ragweed can react to it. I had severe allergy to this with eczema, periorbital edema, even throat closing up x 10 years. Treated multiple times with corticosteroids, benadryl, multiple types of corticosteroids creams etc… Allergist, Dermatologist et… tested for all kinds of allergies but only grass, ragweed, and nickel showed up… It caused chaos in my life doing keto friendly foods. Once I found out stevia is r/t ragweed I quit eating it and boom! All the eczema cleared up and I feel great now. So just be aware.

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    Thanks for another exceptional video, appreciate the insights and all you do. Definitely giving the yogurt idea a try.

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