This Diabetes Awareness Month, Don’t Forget about the Things You Do RIGHT!

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    I went on a 3.5 mile hike last week and stayed in range. Put my Omnipod 5 in activity mode and only needed 1 glucose tab. It was a beautiful day!

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    Got Afrezza and have been able to manage highs that won’t go down and eat a donut, grilled cheese sandwich and 2 cookies ( not at the same time). Haven’t done this in 10 years without suffering with roller coaster all day.

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    Surviving the lack of technology available in the 1980s should get me a medal. The extra appointments, every waking moment focused on T1 thriving not just surviving, clinical trials, scary ER visits and rollercoasting costs of insulin, CGMS and pumps makes us champions of life. “Diabetes”, if you focus on it daily it won’t beat you it can be “livabetes” or live an autoimmune beating. Just my two cents.

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      We agree 100% you should get a medal, and love the term “livabetes”!

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      Did you say medal? You can request a 25-year certificate, or 50-, 75-, or 80-year medal from the Joslin Diabetes Medalist program. Google on the topic of “Joslin medalist program application” to find the application form.

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    I do not know where to post this information


    NHS to offer artificial pancreas for type 1 diabetes — The Guardian

    NHS England and Wales will provide over 150,000 individuals with type 1 diabetes access to an artificial pancreas, a device that automatically regulates blood sugar with a closed-loop insulin delivery system. Trials show it outperforms current treatments, requiring less patient input. Prioritized groups include children, pregnant women, and those with existing pumps. The 5-year rollout aims to reduce diabetes-related complications and healthcare costs, marking the UK as the first to widely adopt this technology.

  5. What type of closed-loop system are they taking about? My Tandem/Dexcom system does pretty good. Is there something better on the horizon?

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