Musculoskeletal Complications: Diabetes Is a Pain in the Neck (and the shoulders, and the hips, and the knees…)

diabetes and musculoskeletal issues

Diabetes is a pain in a lot of places besides the neck. Our hands, shoulders, hips, and knees can sometimes be affected as well. It’s important to know how diabetes can affect the musculoskeletal system so you can be proactive in trying to prevent issues, and aware of symptoms if they do develop.

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A Dose of Dr. E: Frozen Shoulder: How to “Let It Go”

Many people with diabetes (both type 1 and type 2) seem to be susceptible to something called “frozen shoulder”. Dr. Edelman has been living with this painful condition for over a year, but physical therapy has worked wonders. Dr. E’s PT explains the causes of frozen shoulder and gives treatment options that can thaw the freeze to get you back on track.

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