Power from Your Peers

Ever have a question about diabetes and think, it would be great to quickly ask a bunch of people who have dealt with something similar? That’s what we were wondering five years ago when we started Smart Patients, an online community for patients and family caregivers. We wanted to create a supportive, safe, online environment where people could easily connect with others who have been down a similar path.

Sharing stories strengthens bonds. In helping people affected by diabetes discuss treatments, news, emotions and more, Smart Patients can nurture lasting relationships. One thing we continually hear from our members is that their initial fears are alleviated almost immediately upon connecting with a group who understands firsthand what they’re going through.

Personalized Peer Support

While there are many social networks and online communities, the custom-built communities at Smart Patients offer a unique experience for members. Conversations are arranged using tags to make it easy to find what you’re looking for, and are safely protected since they’re only searchable for other members.

Diabetes is an especially important area because it affects so many people in different ways. On Smart Patients, you can follow whichever tags you want – that means people from different communities who want to discuss common issues like health insurance or communicating with your doctor can all learn even more from each other. You follow the tags that interest you and learn about the topics that matter most to you.


The conversations our members have on Smart Patients cover a wide spectrum of physical, practical and emotional topics. Here are some examples of topics that are being discussed in the communities right now…..

  • Finding ways to save on diabetic supplies
  • At a loss for a sweetener that doesn’t make me feel sick
  • Easy exercise options
  • Any type 1’s diagnosed as adults?
  • Best bread choices for type 2 diabetic
  • Dealing with the emotional toll of diabetes

Keep the Conversations Going

The community isn’t meant to replace in-person learning, but to complement it. As TCOYD conference participants, consider Smart Patients to be an opportunity to continue your conversations after the conference. What did you learn? What new questions do you have? What inspired you to reevaluate your diabetes management? You can even share what you have learned with people who weren’t able to attend and extend the learning beyond the conference.

When you’re ready, we invite you to join the Smart Patients diabetes community by visiting https://www.smartpatients.com/tcoyd

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