Watch Dr. E’s Eversense E3 CGM Insertion – We Filmed It LIVE!

We filmed Dr. Edelman getting the Eversense E3 CGM inserted in real time so you can see how super quick and painless the insertion process is. During the procedure, Dr. E and Dr. P share all the unique features of the Eversense E3, which include a removable transmitter and on-body vibrating alerts for high and low blood sugars.

To learn more and get started with the Eversense E3 system, click here.

To read Dr. E’s update on his experience after using the system for several weeks, click here.

Dr. Edelman is on the Board of Directors of Senseonics and Ascensia is a corporate  sponsor of TCOYD.


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    Excellent Video, as always. You guys rock!

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    The video did not address how and where to apply the transmitter and how often to change the transmitter, etc. I thought there was, maybe, a part 2 to this video?

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      Hi Lora,
      Dr. Edelman will be doing a written update on his experience over the last several weeks with the Eversense E3, but you can find detailed explanations regarding the application, etc, answering all of your questions here:
      Watch the video in the section called “THE ONLY IMPLANTABLE SENSOR FOR LONG-TERM WEAR”.

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    I also was wondering where the transmitter would be applied and would it talk to the Tandem I-Q.

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    After six months, is the inserted sensor removed? It seems that would be a more complicated procedure. Does the replacement sensor go in the same place, or in a new incision?

    • The removal is easy, and a new one is put in a different location – not the same place as the one just removed.

  5. Would have been helpful to see the size of it. Or even the op itself.

    I don’t understand how it works? He said you take it on and off when you like?

    Did I miss something?
    If it’s under the skin, you can’t take it out, surely?
    Is this available in the UK?

  6. Would like to see how it actually works! Not just the surgery insertion…could you do a follow up for that?

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      Hi Joyce, Yes Dr. Edelman will be doing a follow up article in our March newsletter, and the article will be linked to this video as well!

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    At the end of the video the Doc said it was one calibration a day. Whaaaat? Then the E3 is not convenient. I do no calibrations on my Dexcom G6. If I am supposed to, there is nothing to lead me to believe the G6 is misleading me.

    • It really just offers more choices for people who like to engage in activities where they don’t want their sensor falling off, or they don’t want to change it out every 10 days, and it can be easier for some people with insurance. If you’re happy with what you have, there’s no need to change.

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    Really disappointed in the insertion of the Everscense 3 in Dr. E’s arm. You didn’t show the cut in the arm or any of the “surgery”. Could have been a scam as far as what was shown.

    • Tom…it was the real deal. The last time we showed blood we got a lot of negative comments. Come over to the office and I will show it to you.

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