Spotlight Type 1 Night, 5/20/20 Recap

If you weren’t able to tune in live (or you want to watch it again & again) here’s the recording from our Spotlight seminar, which featured an informative COVID-19 update and great info on CGM, looping, hybrid closed-loop systems, and tips on how to increase your time in range. Feel free to post any additional questions you have in the comments below!

Q&A with Dr. Edelman:

Re: closed loop hybrid systems: All of them have basal control, but how essential is bolus control? Does basal+bolus control improve outcomes? Also, how essential will liquid glucagon be as with Ed Damiano’s i:Let? Is the i:Let still the holy grail of hybrid closed loop? Is Xeris pharmaceuticals the only manufacturer producing stable liquid glucagon?  -Adam L.

Yes all have basal control and the hourly bolus control help with TIR big time. The iLet is the bomb and is a totally closed loop…not a hybrid. There are a few other companies making glucagon including Zealand Pharmaceuticals.

What kind of support is there for school nurses?  -Anonymous

Gosh…I really do not know specific ones, but for sure any CME for CDCES (formerly called CDEs) and other HCPs interested in diabetes would work.

Are we as type 1 diabetics considered high risk as say the elderly are high risk due to our risk of dka and sepsis if we contract covid-19??  -Michelle L.

Us type 1s in “good control” really are not at greater risk than others our same age. A1c close to 7% is key! The older we get the higher the risk.

My biggest concern as a senior with type 1 is that I am vulnerable to a cytokine storm if I do get Covid-19. Cytokine storms seem to be a problem with DKA and also with heart attacks with T1. The research article out of the UK today indicates that T1’s have a worse prognosis than T2’s. Am I the only one thinking about cytokine storms?  -Adelaide L.

I read about the Cytokine storm as well and it is really scary. If your control is good and you are otherwise healthy, that is good and your risk is not different than someone else your age. Just be extra cautious and you will be fine. I do hear the antiviral meds can help people get better soon. Don’t worry too much.

Hi, LADA diabetic here. I have been told to use soda or candy to fight a low. Is there something healthier to use. Still waiting for my Tandem to go with my Dexcom6. Things will be better then but for now, help??  -Twyla W.

Hello Twyla…fruit juice like apple is pretty good. I get mine from Costco. Believe it or not…jelly beans work well since they are pretty much sugar…if you read the label you can see how many jelly beans make up 15 or 20 grams of carbs. THE CIQ is amazing!!!

Doctors and dentists are starting to call for in person visits? What are your thoughts?  -Linda K

I think it is pretty safe. They are typically responsible at spacing out visits and keeping the place clean. My physical therapist’s office makes me wash my hands and checks my temp before I go inside.

I have a blood cancer called Polythemia Vera. I am type1. Does this disease affect my glucose because PV?  -Barbara C.

PV should not affect it unless you are put on steroids to control it or any newer meds…check them out online to see if any other meds you are on raise your glucose levels. Good luck with your PV…not that common and of course I learned about it in Med school…which was a long time ago. Good idea to get your type 1 in control.

With the use of my pump, I have been using a lower basal rate for exercise and have used a smaller bolus for food before exercising. I am slowly getting better at using my pump and diet to not go low when exercising, but within an hour after exercising and sometimes for several hours after I have finished exercising, my sugar goes high. Since I thought that people generally continue to have lower readings after exercise, I am not quite sure why I tend to go higher for several hours after exercising and what I can do to combat the higher readings. I must admit, it seems to be risky to increase my basil rate after exercise just in case the sugar level drops.  -Anonymous

Going up after exercise is not uncommon. If you reduce your insulin to avoid a low you can rebound once exercise stops. Also hormones like adrenaline go up during exercise that raise your glucose levels. I would not touch your basal rate…just a small bolus to prevent the spike. Exercise is a tough time to control for most type 1s.

Has anyone seen this data from the NHS?  -Claire P.

That study was done in the UK and also showed that with good control and not being heavy the chances of a bad outcome are no higher. There are a lot of studies out there and none are perfect so stick to the positive news! Another good reason to get our control in good shape. Stay well.

How do you control your own blood glucose when you’re sedated on a ventilator?  -Lisa H.

When on a ventilator, the doctors make all the adjustments. They will put an IV line in and give you an insulin drip and make adjustments on your glucose value. At least they are now using CGM in the hospital setting.

There was an ECHO Stanford webinar this morning and they said there was a recent study out of the UK that said that among hospitalized people with T1DM there, quite a few more of them died. Do you have a link to that study? They aren’t posting slides from the webinar for a few weeks.  -PeggyEllen K.

Yes…see the question above which had the link. Also see my answer. Thanks

Scared to get tested as it seems that the testing centers are not changing gloves/masks, etc. as often and it seems that if it is that spreadable, then a diabetic (T1) may be more at risk by getting tested.  -Anonymous

If you are feeling fine, no need to go anywhere to get tested. In San Diego our facilities are really good so getting tested is not an issue.

Discuss hydroxychloroquine.  -Rich B.

Gosh…that is a big topic and sorry we did not get to it on the webinar. Personally I have seen several studies that look promising. The VA study did not show benefit. I know one thing 100% is that it is safer than the media is making it out to be. Rheumatologists use it often and also travel clinics and no safety issues. I know many hospitals are using it on patients, but it’s up to the doctor. I do hope better studies come out.

Am Looping – Autobolus branch, 63 y/o, T1D for 26 years. I have noticed lately, more and more in fact, that my post meal rise and return to normal is very gradual – like the continental divide with a middle plateau rather than a faster up and down. Can that be a sign of increased insulin resistance? I can break the gradual rise and plateau with a simple walk. Thanks.  -James C.

Sounds like you are like the rest of us…Afrezza works well for that but need to deal with the algorithm of Loop. Walking sounds good but not always convenient. Try taking your insulin earlier, like at least 20 min before eating and of course if you can lower your fast acting carbs. Controlling the spike is tough. Good luck…you should have seen what a Hostess Twinkie did to me.  🙂

How often do T1D Covid-19 patients get DKA?  -Terry O.

Not very often…like any illness or metabolic stress, it can drive up your insulin needs so testing and adjusting is the key. Watch the video on our web site about treating and preventing DKA.

How do we ensure hospital staff will maintain BG control, especially if we are looping and on a respirator? I’m guessing most hospital staff do not know about looping.  -David W.

See my answer above about going on an insulin drip. You are so right…they will not know, but if you are in a regular hospital bed and not out of it, make sure they let you use it! Don’t worry too much even if your control is not perfect in the hospital.

This is going to be quite personal, but here goes….I am in quarantine alone and have been for 10 weeks. I want to go see the man I was dating before this whole thing started. He has children and shares custody with his ex. Is that too much of a risk for a T1D? I know there’s no real answer, but I’d like opinions please.  -Jen B.

I would do anything you can to see him. If you have been careful and they have been cautious as well…just be safe and wear a mask (as much as you can) and wash your hands a lot, don’t touch your face and if the kids are small wash your hands after you touch them. Good luck!

How do we navigate our way if we end up in the hospital and we want to be able to keep our devices and manage our own care (provided we are able to) while hospitalized?  -Gayle M.

Several questions on this. ..see above. In general, bring your stuff to the hospital, and if you are just on the regular floor and can think clearly, make them let you control your own diabetes. If you get into the ICU they will put you on an insulin drip and control your diabetes. Most will not know much about all of our devices.

Any thoughts on the risks of blood clot side effect of COVID in people with T1D?  -Alanna C.

Scary stuff…I have not heard too much about blood clots in T1D…just those reports we saw on television. Not sure what else to say…STOP WORRYING!

Have there been any issues with insulin supply during Covid?  -Evelyne P.

No issues at all with supply and all companies have programs to help with access and price. See our resources section on our website.

Is there any relationship with complications and BMI?  -Jesse H.

YES YES YES YES…The heavier one is the worse off they are if they get sick. I do not think it increases anyone’s chances of getting COVID.

Discuss Vitamin D.  -Rich B.

Typically low in T1D and supplementation is important to get your levels in the normal range. I get mine from Costco.

Do you see a time when geography no longer limits patients? My endo says that she may have to close her practice before the end of the year. There are limited endos available near me–and none that are “up to date” on new methodologies for treating T1. For instance, could I become one of your patients? Do you see this as a new way to serve T1s?  -Sondra M.

Totally agree and I said this on the webinar…you can see pretty much any diabetes specialist you want but you need to work out the insurance issue or pay cash. Us endos are cheap!

Is there a way to do closed loop and still use some BASAL insulin?  -Sarah M.

I think that would be tough since it would defeat the purpose of a basal rate modulator.

I’m really interested in looping but I think I’m going to have to convince my endo! Maybe I’ll become a patient of yours!  -Susan M.

Absolutely…all of the endos at UCSD are familiar with Looping. Scott is the guy I mentioned on the webinar that can help. He is awesome. Scott Lohnes:

Why not AUC instead of TIR?  -Steven S.

AUC is more complicated and typically used for meal times. TIR covers highs and lows 24/7. 

I’m using a tandem with the basal IQ not the CIQ as I’m am over 90% in range with an A1C of 6.2  -Barbara T.

Wow…you really like to brag, don’t you! I had a patient like that and after I convinced her to switch, she maintained her control but with less effort. Cannot do much better than you are doing…congrats!

Of the hybrid closed loop systems, which gives the user the most flexibility and control?  -Kathleen C.

Looping and CIQ are the two best for sure. I looped on the Omnipod and now on CIQ. Both are excellent and it is a personal choice. See the article on our web site of the opinions of Jeremy and myself.

I take an oral chemo for my therapy. Consequently, it gives me false reading and I am unable to use the Dexcom or Libre. I am so disappointed to have to go back to finger sticks.  -Barbara C.

Gosh…so sorry…Are you sure?? I did not think that it interfered with those devices. Do some paired testing and see if they are really off.

My time in range is typically 100%, in actuality. I measure BG with Glucometer to verify. My issue is that my CGM (G6) is not reliable and gives gross false lows the first 12 hours. It eventually finds its way. However, my data is now “tainted” by this how do I resolve this? My HCP always asks – what happened here?  -Paul F.

I hear ya…first 12 hours is typically off on the low end for me as well. Even on the Dexcom web site they say that is possible. Congrats on your TIR!

Comment on the Medtronic 780 clinical trials.  -Rich B.

I really do not know too much but the TIR, hypos, sensor are improved over the 670G. You can get a lot of info online.

What are your thoughts about t:slim’s control IQ software requirement to set insulin duration 5 hrs while using control IQ?  -Randall S.

I do think it is too long personally…they are doing updates to the software so maybe we will have choices.

Is Ed Damiano’s dual hormone i:Let a true closed loop (i.e. not hybrid) system? Any news as to his progress in getting the dual hormone system to market?  -Adam L.

Yes…it is not a hybrid but a real closed loop system. Clinical trials are underway so hopefully next year some time…OMG that will be so awesome.=

I went from loop (no auto bolus branch) to tandem CIQ. My time in range actually decreased quite a bit. I’ve basal tested on the tandem pump, so that’s not an issue. Is there anything else I can do? I feel like I’m riding the sugar coaster a lot more.  -Pearl S.

Hello…that happened to me at first as well. If your correction factor and insulin to carb is set correctly you should do well. A lot of folks have issues with the CIQ and exercise getting low alot. The Looping algorithm is excellent…that is for sure.

Two Questions – If getting low in tandem control IQ how do you know if basal is too high or correction is off? Keep getting lows when in exercise mode on tandem control iq – even when not exercising (forgot to turn off)  -Linda K

First, test your basal by doing an extended fast. Have an early dinner and watch your glucose overnight and do not eat or drink anything with calories for 12 hours. This will tell you alot about your basal rate. Second, see the many questions above about getting low during exercise with the CIQ. It is something Tandem needs to fix for sure. If you are playing tidly winks…no problem but if you are on a Peleton, it’s a set up to get low. I look to see if I have any insulin on board and disconnect for 45 min. You can also make a personal profile which allows you to cut your basal down during exercise, but don’t forget to turn it off!!!!!

Is the T-Slim a tubeless system?  -Nia B.

NO..A typical pump with tubing. Go to Tandem’s website to see them. Only the Omnipod is tubeless.

What’s some good tips to avoid hypoglycemia when exercising in the heat?  -Nia B.

Having a CGM is a must as your glucose values can go up or down. Keep your insulin from frying and stay hydrated!

I work out very hard and find myself going low even with the Tandem Basal IQ “Active” setting. Do you have any hints for how to not go low during working out?  -Sheridan W.

A very common problem on the Tandem…please see some of my several answers above.

What do you do during exercise?  -Jesse H.

Please see answers above.

Who makes the Therapy Timeline available. Not Clarity to the patient.  -Larry C.

The timeline is from the Tandem app that caregivers use when someone comes in to be seen.

What are the options for android users?  -Sarah M.

I do believe Androids users are being respected more and more. The companies send out updates all the time so check online as well.

What’s a Riley Link?  -Farley G.

Oh My GAWD are you living in a cave? Just kidding. It is the small electronic device that transmits the glucose value from the G6 and sends it to the Omnipod or old Medtronic pump for Loopers.

How do you adjust bolus for low carb eating? Do you still count about 5g for about a cup of veggies?  -Nia B.

I am not a big carb counter, but it’s pretty much trial and error. Depends on what veggies…some have a lot more carbs than others. Look them up on google. French Fries are my favorite veggie!

Let me know if you guys need another guinea pig.  -Jen L.

Hi Jen…email Todd May who is the clinical coordinator for the artificial pancreas studies and other type 1 studies:

When might we be able to get the iLet BP?  -Wray G.

Hopefully next year.

When will that last system come out?????  -Lisa T.

See above…the iLet may be out next year.

What are your thoughts on Omnipod Horizon vs Tidepool Loop once approved?  -Anonymous

Tidepool loop is here and now, and works great. Do not know enough about the Horizon program but they are behind in the development.

Do you have any thoughts about whether the cost of these newer systems will be prohibitive?  -Evelyne P.

The costs will not be prohibitive…there is competition thank GAWD.

Recommendations with using Symlin and the Tandem w/ Control-IQ? Any talk of Trihormonal pump? Symlin has helped me lose weight and improve post-meal blood sugars…but, I am tinkering on the Tandem.  -Patricia S.

Symlin is awesome and they have looked at that with insulin in a bihormonal pump but nothing I have seen recently. They are also co formulating insulin and Symlin in a set ratio, and that will be very valuable. The algorithm may need to be tweaked.

What is Steve’s Time in Range?  -Jesse H.

Hahahahahahaha! Typically in the low to mid to high 80s on average. I had a 62% the other day and OMG did I have fun that day!

Ozempic for Type 1s?  -Laurie H.

Oh…Oh…Oh…It’s Magic…that song! GLP1s do work well in type 1s, but it is an off-label indication so go ask your doc!

So you can use the Loop app when you have Dexcom and Omnipod? It is something that you add to your system?  -Maricarmen O.

Yes…it is awesome but not the Pods made for DASH. All you will need is a Riley Link which costs 150 dollars. Lots of help online as well as from Scott who I mentioned in my talk: Scott Lohnes:

This is all interesting but Medicare controls my use. I’m 72 and wonder if I will ever have a closed loop. Oh well. Nice presentation, looking forward to the next one. Thanks!  -Twyla W.

Twyla….For sure you are a candidate for the CIQ by Tandem…they are working on a totally closed loop system.

How does the iLet Bionic Pancreas connect with your body?  -Carla

Just like a regular pump with a dual insertion catheter.

I really like the Tandem Control IQ. But I find that sometimes it shuts off my insulin for too long (when I am at say 140 BG). But then it stays off for so long, that when it comes back to delivering basal, I get high as if the insulin has been off too long.  -Alice D.

That is strange…It should not turn off at 140…maybe you are in exercise mode? It should only turn off if your glucose is predicted to be below 70 in 30 min? You can always call customer support.

What does Steve hope to see in the next 50 years?  -Mike R.

Well…what do I hope to see…in the next several years a totally closed loop system but beyond that, a screening test to pick up folks who will come down with type 1 and an autoimmune modulator that totally prevents T1D in the first place. I do not think that is a pie in the sky possibility.

How do I get into an iLet Bionic pancreas study?  -Patricia G.

You can try begging Ed Damiano. I have been doing that for years. See if they are doing studies in the city you live in and if in San Diego, give Todd May a shout.”

Considering getting Tandem closed loop. I have a Samsung. Do I need an Apple phone?  -Robyn T.

Just emailed my Dexcom connection and this site will tell you depending on what model:

My TIR is 85% and A1C 6.4%. I wear a Tandem but don’t use the loop feature. Is it likely that I would do better or worse on the loop.  -Thelma D.

To be exact it is the CIQ hybrid closed loop system and I would say you would do just as well with less work and need for so much attention. That is what I like about it…it does a lot of the thinking and adjusting for me.

Where are the study sites for the iLet?  -Lori B.

You can ask Todd May and he will let you know. He is the coordinator for our San Diego site:

How do I get a chart giving my Glucose Management Indicator with a Dexcom 6?  -Paloma W.

I am not 100% sure of what you’re asking, but the GMI is a calculation based on your glucose values and the formula may be a secret? Online you can look up some information.

What do you consider the absolute most accurate carb app? And, easiest.  🙂  -Bobbi S.

I am not a carb counter, but Calorie King is pretty good I hear! A huge chocolate chip cookie is only 10G…that is why I like it! 🙂




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    Every insulin delivery device, no matter how expensive or fancy, ultimately gets brought to its knees by some little part, most often the cannula. If the pod leaks, the device doesn’t stay in our bodies or insert correctly, all the new gee whizz stuff just doesn’t matter. Do you see any improvements in that last mile of delivery coming soon? Thanks so much.

    • I hear ya…these problems do exist, but the technology on all parts of the pump is getting better. As a provider, they seem to be occurring less and less.

  2. My husband is a type 1 diabetic that was caused by immuno-therapy in Nov 2019, so we are still learning about how to control his glucose. Why does the glucose level trend downward over the night time and trend upward during the day, independent of his food intake?

    • Thanks for the question…sometimes it makes no sense. The body still is producing glucose and there are many variables that affect it. Stress, activity, the body’s own production, time of day, seasonal factors, etc. It is tough staying even, and what you are experiencing is totally normal if that makes you feel any better.

  3. Avatar

    I need some help with managing “foot on the floor”. NOT dawn phenomenon. My BG is great when I wake. As soon as I get up it starts rising and continues to rise without eating. I am on a pump. I know I need to increase basal. How far ahead of waking up should I increase my basal?

    • Rising upon awakening is very common. It may be just the act of waking up as it raised your counter-regulatory hormones like glucagon, epinephrine, growth hormone, etc. Raising your basal could be a solution, but you should test to see if your BG goes up if you sleep in. If it doesn’t, then raising your basal is not the answer. You may need to give a small bolus when you wake up. This is a very common problem. A hybrid closed-loop system will help.

  4. Avatar

    I am using the InPen from Companion medical. It gives me a whole bunch of information that I never used to have with just using a “regular” pen. I tried the pump for a few years, but my A1C went up 0.5 of a percentage point, and toward the end it felt like someone was pinching me 24/7. So, I went back to the Pen, and then I found the InPen. After only 3 months, my A1C went from 7.7 to 7.1. I’m going to get my A1C tested again in July, and my average BS is now 144. I think that could be in the 6s. I started using the Dexcom several years ago, and LOVE IT. Dr. Edelman also loves the Dexcom. I’m starting to love the InPen now. Question: What does Dr. E (or Dr. J) say about the InPen, and to what can I attribute my lower A1Cs?

    • InPen is awesome and the only way to go if you do not want to wear a pump. Some day the InPen app will give you suggestions to give a bolus and change your basal!

  5. Avatar

    Thank you for helping answer my questions:
    1. I am a brittle diabetic of 62 years. How have I been able to escape all the devastating complications seen in long term diabetes?
    2. I have been told that drinking alcohol is the cause of recently discovered pancreatic lesions -true?
    3. I am using a Dex6 – because I do a lot of gardening, digging, raking, etc, my BG triggers an alarm and keeps alarming even though I eat or drink sufficient carbs to bring me out of the low -Why? Should I raise my low alarm to 85 (from 80)?
    4. A morning gardening low will return after dinner even though I medicate according to my carb count for that meal.

    • 1. I am a brittle diabetic of 62 years. How have I been able to escape all the devastating complications seen in long term diabetes?
      2. I have been told that drinking alcohol is the cause of recently discovered pancreatic lesions -true?
      Totally NOT TRUE..cheers
      3. I am using a Dex6 – because I do a lot of gardening, digging, raking, etc, my BG triggers an alarm and keeps alarming even though I eat or drink sufficient carbs to bring me out of the low -Why? Should I raise my low alarm to 85 (from 80)?
      You for sure are getting low with exercise…your basal insulin may be too high? If you are on a pump you can reduce your basal rate one hour before yard work. Talk to your endo also!
      4. A morning gardening low will return after dinner even though I medicate according to my carb count for that meal.
      You are on too much insulin!!!!!!

    • Hi Myrna. Sorry to but in here but your first question caught my eye. I just reached 50 years without all the complications and am trying to get into the Joslin Diabetes Medal program. They are studying just that; why some T1’s don’t get the complications. My sister was also a T1 and ultimately died from the disease. She was legally blind from retinopathy, had foot drop from severe neuropathy and her kidneys failed. She had a kidney/pancreas transplant in 1990 that gave her 24 more years; the immunosuppressant drugs required damage the kidneys so she ultimately died from kidney failure. I would love to find out more about why I’ve been so “lucky” when she wasn’t; the only difference between us was that she was brittle and I wasn’t. Check in to the study and good luck! Sounds like you’re doing an awesome job! Take care!

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    I am using the Tandem X2 CIQ pump with Humalog. My question is about insulin storage and usage. Years ago, when I was first diagnosed, I was told insulin must be kept cold and stored in the refrigerated at all times. Now I have been instructed NOT to load my pump cartridge with refrigerated/cold insulin. Why? I have also been told that an opened vial of insulin loses its potency after one month if stored at room temperature and should be discarded. I hate to waste insulin. Will keeping it refrigerated all the time help it to maintain its potency or should all opened vials be discarded after one month?

    • You CAN fill your pump with cold insulin. Who in the heck told you that? Insulin is actually pretty sturdy and room temperature is just fine for the open bottle. The extras should be keep in your beer chest!

      • Avatar

        I also heard that cold insulin from the fridge, as the fluid warms up and expands inside the pump, can throw off delicate dosing measurements. So, best practice is to load with room temp insulin. Is this not true??

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    The questions I have are as follows:
    1. Does anyone use fiasp in their tandem pump with control IQ? And if so, what are their experiences with/comments about using it?
    2. Are there any tweaks to make control IQ a little more aggressive in tackling high blood sugars?
    3. Are there any recommendations, or thoughts that people have about people with type 1 diabetes working in healthcare right now?

    • 1. Does anyone use fiasp in their tandem pump with control IQ? And if so, what are their experiences with/comments about using it?
      Yes and some folks notice an improvement and others not much…worth a try! The data shows better post prandial numbers.
      2. Are there any tweaks to make control IQ a little more aggressive in tackling high blood sugars?
      I do not think so, but some folks put theirs in sleep mode all the time and give their own correction boluses.
      3. Are there any recommendations, or thoughts that people have about people with type 1 diabetes working in healthcare right now?
      If you do not have any other underlying conditions and your control is good, your risk is the same as others your age.

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    A Coronavirus question…What extra steps should I be taking as a type 1 diabetic as things start reopening during this time?

  9. Avatar

    I use a Medtronic 670G insulin pump and am wondering if Medtronic has released any information about their next generation of CGM sensors? I’m hoping it will be more accurate and won’t require regular BG testing and calibration, especially when running in Auto mode.

    • Yes…you can go online and type in 680g…I also hope it represents a significant improvement.

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    I am a t1d on the tandem t slim control iq. If my blood sugar goes above target range it will give me a correction bolus. If this is before a workout it will make me go low about 5 mins into my workout. How do I avoid this, I’m guessing the only way is to not eat carbs before a workout so that I don’t go above my blood sugar target? I was disconnecting from my pump if I knew it was going to give me a bolus but that’s only when I would catch it in time. Before the control iq I would do a temp basal before a workout.

    • Julia…getting low during exercise is my biggest problem as well. You really need to put it in exercise mode one hour before, and if you are doing intense exercise, consider disconnecting if there is some IOB. I do think Tandem is working on improving their exercise mode. Lastly you can create a personal profile that reduces the basal by 50% or what ever you set.

  11. Avatar

    Thanks for the info you shared! I am not “Zoom-savvy” so did not ask a question. The Dr’s went over risk factors for Diabetics in relation to Covid but I read somewhere (forget whom to attribute this to) that “Diabetics” have an Enzyme that Covid attaches to… therefore the general statement Diabetics are at greater risk. If that is true, is that in relation to Type 2 Diabetics?

    • Lynn..TOTALLY NOT TRUE…got to stop reading Readers Digest! Most of these crazy stories relate to type 2 anyway. Type 1s are really not at increased risk of getting it and your glucose control dictates how you will do if you get it.

  12. Avatar

    Am on the Medtronic 670g. Have had T1 for 42 years. Whenever I bolus my sugar goes up immediately and drastically! Any suggestions as to why?

    • Lee…common problem..try bolusing at least 30 minutes before eating and really really really try to reduce the carbs in your diet. Afrezza can also be very helpful.

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    The presentation was fabulous and this follow on Q and A support is archival reference quality. Yea TCOYD !

  14. Avatar

    Thanks for all the comments and stuff!

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    Hi. Just curious. If you personally don’t count carbs, how do you know how much to bolus?

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    Fabulous info here. I was surprised to read about the person with Polythemia Vera. I was diagnosed with this when I was 79 years old. I can no longer use my Dexcom 6 or Libre. Received a letter from Dexcon saying that the medication I am taken Hydroxyurea will give me false readings. The Libre is also inacurrate Back to finger stinks until I get trained on the Inpen which is my last and only hope. Thank you.

    • Avatar

      The InPen is a great product – hope it works well for you. Take good care –

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    I really enjoyed this and learned a lot. I’m an Omnipod user for 11 years and not on a CGM yet. I keep hoping their technology will improve, as I love being cordless. Because of various reasons my pump locations are fairly limited. I typically rotate 4 areas every three days. My main concern is finding two appropriate areas to attach the devices without scar tissue, while being discreet. Any tips?

    • OMG!!!! You need to get on a Dexcom G6…the insertion is much different and easier than a pump since it is a tiny thread and not a catheter. You should start to Loop as well.

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    I may have some suggestions for two of the people that had questions above. First, I have a suggestion for Paul F. who has his data tainted by the low readings that his cgm gives during the first 12 hours of wear. When I insert a new sensor, I don’t start it for 12-18 hours. This gives tissue time to settle down from the trauma of inserting the device before having your sensor start working. I personally have had readings on the sensor “low” (under 40) when my actual blood glucose readings were over 200. I verified on my blood glucose meter when I knew I had eaten enough carbs to get myself out of a low blood sugar situation. This tactic works very well for me and it is not too bad having to do finger sticks for 12 hours or so. Secondly, Veronica stated that she has problems which are usually caused by the infusion site. I too had many bent cannulas until I switched to a steel infusion set. No more bent cannulas.

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    I’m type 1 diabetic. What is a great response that doesn’t sound defensive to friends and family that send me articles with the heading,’COVID-19 far more dangerous for patients with heart disease or diabetes, CDC says.’
    I’ve received about 7 of these types of articles…and I’m probably healthier than all the ‘senders’ 🙂

    Thanks for the excellent information.

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      Honesty is the best policy: “I’m burned out on discussing COVID right now, so if I don’t respond please forgive me.”

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