Facebook Live: Heart-Healthy and Diabetes-Friendly Diets

There’s a lot of different diet and nutrition information out there, but what really works for getting your diabetes under control and taking care of your heart? Endocrinologist Dr. Steve Edelman and Dietitian & Diabetes Educator Adriana Valencia discussed tips for healthy eating, and provided recipe ideas that can fit into a busy lifestyle. They were joined by Know Diabetes By Heart Ambassador Lupe Barraza who shared her personal journey living with diabetes and how she has implemented a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

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    Have you ever heard of resistant starch? The concept has something to do with some cooked starches (ie: pastas in cold pasta salads) become less “starchy” after refrigeration.

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      Hi Tina,
      We checked with our dietitian Adriana Valencia and here is what she said:

      “We receive questions often regarding how cooking times and methods affect impacts on blood sugars. Unfortunately, there isn’t any change on carb count or change in blood sugar impact for a cup of rice or pasta that is refrigerated. If you are looking to enjoy something like pasta and are looking to reduce carbs, you can try the legume/bean-based pastas. These pastas are higher in fiber, iron, and protein than a regular pasta. Hope that helps!”

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