Does It Make a Difference Where You Put Your FreeStyle Libre Sensor?

Dear Dr. Edelman, I love the FreeStyle Libre, but sometimes when I put on a new sensor, the readings are higher than with the previous sensor, even if I didn’t eat anything. Is that normal? Does it make a difference where you put the sensor?

Dr. Edelman: The location on your arms should not matter that much. Wide swings in glucose when you swap out sensors is not uncommon at all, and a lot of folks going on CGM are surprised about that. All sensors can be inaccurate, but you should double check with your glucose meter (yes…prick your finger) to get a comparison. Remember you need to have very clean fingers before testing and there is a thing called the lag time in that if you are going up or down quickly, your finger stick value will lag behind. If you have a sensor that is way off, like over 20% from the finger stick value consistently, call the company to get a replacement sensor for free. Lastly, all sensors are less accurate the first 24 hours after putting on a new one.

  1. In “Does it make a difference …” article.., Did he mean to say finger stick would lag or sensor glucose Would lag?

    • Hello…the sensor reading lags since it is not measuring blood like a finger stick does. Interstitial fluid is what sensors measure.

    • I was under the impression from my previous reading that the fingerstick will be the first reading, and the CGM will lag if blood glucose is going up or down quickly. Please confirm.

      • When the blood sugar is dropping, your true circulating glucose level will be lower than the CGM reading, and if your blood sugar is rising, your circulating glucose level will be higher than the CGM reading. That’s an important concept, especially when you’re dropping.

  2. 3 of the last sensors fell off before 2 weeks? Is there a way to make them stay longer?

    • Hi David,
      Here’s an article with ideas that will hopefully help:

    • You can buy Hypafix transparent tape in a roll that covers the sensor and the roll lasts a long time. I bought mine at a medical supply store

    • I had the same problem I ordered a package of “SIMPATCH” pre-cut adhesive patches from Amazon. You can get them with or without a hole in the center. I recommend without the hole. It’s to hard to get on properly. I work in construction so Does it matter how much I sweat, swim shower it stays on with the same patch added to it and it doesn’t really affect being able to scan the sensor I’ve been using it now for about two years no problems whatsoever. I hope this helps

    • Don’t get it wet . Cover it while you shower if you can! Make sure you clean your arm good and use the alcohol pads

    • Using skin tac adhesive barrier wipes have really helped mine stay on! So much so that it takes some effort actually getting the sensor off when it’s expired!

    • We use Tegaderm Film (2.375×2.75) by 3M to cover the sense. It is waterproof and protects the sensor. Got them on Amazon.

    • I put a large waterproof bandage over it.

  3. I believe I have a helpful hint to help with the sensors being not accurate during the first day. During your last full day of your old sensor, keep it on but also attach a new sensor. The next day, remove your old sensor after it has expired and start the new one after putting the transmitter into the new one (if applicable). Since the new sensor has been on for a full day and the tissue has had time to recover from the insertion process, your new sensor should have accuracy right from the beginning.

    • Anita, really good idea. I am not sure if anyone has studied that, but it makes sense!

    • Echo the Dr.’s comment about your idea being a really good one. I’m getting a replacement sensor from the manufacturer as latest one is giving me readings that are way ‘out of range’ than the previous 8+ sensors I’ve used since being diagnosed. Usually as sensor is a lag indicator, there is a 30-40 point difference from a blood strip test done within 2-3 minutes of a sensor scan. Latest sensor is 70-90+ points different. I’ve been 95-100% in range for weeks, actually ~2 months, and in 2-3 days of new sensor have been hitting highs (230+) that I’ve never had before.

      I want to follow your suggestion when I get the replacement sensor – only issue being that the current one will still have 9 days left. Do you know if possible to start a new sensor before previous one has expired, and if yes, how? I’m guessing worse case, I attach new sensor for a day and then simply remove the old sensor and hopefully that will trigger Start New Senor when I attempt to scan the new sensor.

      Thanks in advance.

      • That’s a good question for the National Association of Off-Label Libre Users…haha. I’m not really sure if it works, but you can only use one sensor at a time if you only have one reader. The only way to have two going at a time is two have two readers.

        • Sorry I wasn’t clear. Not wishing to have two (2) active sensors at a time. I was following on from Anita’s good idea about how to potentially mitigate the wide swings in initial readings with a new sensor, i.e., in last day of currently active sensor, to attach new sensor BUT not start it until active sensor expires. Anita’s idea being that would allow time for tissue around new sensor insertion site to settle down and so hopefully the new sensor would be more accurate from the beginning.

          My issue was that in my case the current sensor will have quite a few days ‘life’ left but I don’t want to wait that long to activate the replacement sensor I expect to receive from the manufacturer tomorrow. So question was – do I simply remove existing (but unexpired) sensor after new sensor has been attached for one day – and then start new sensor.

          Anyway, I will report back as to what happens.

          • My experience with the Freestyle Libre is that I can remove a currently applied sensor no matter how many days it has left before expiring, simply apply a new one, then scan/read and start the new one. Of course, the message “wait one hour to begin” will appear after starting the new sensor.

            Often I have a applied a new sensor on the opposite arm about 12-24 hours before my current one has expired to allow it more time to be accurate from the start. DO NOT SCAN OR READ THIS ONE UNTIL THE OLD ONE EXPIRES. It does not matter that you have an inactive sensor applied in a different location. My experience is that WHEN I make the second one active by scan/reading it, the readings seem closer to the finger stick readings within the first hour, rather than 6 hours plus.

          • Got it – to answer your question, yes that’s fine.

          • Pleased to report back confirming what Anita and Diane have stated, i.e., attaching new sensor for 12-24 hours BEFORE starting it, has a noticeable (positive!) effect on how quickly the new sensor’s readings are closer to finger stick readings.

          • That’s great David, thanks!

  4. I put a new sensor on and it did the first part and said to wait a hour. When I went to take the first reading it said to replace the sensor. That it wasent working. Now im out a sensor. I haven’t taken it off yet. Was going to wait to talk to the pharmacist on monday.

    • Did you ever get this resolved? I’ve had 4 do this. I’m about to go back to finger sticks. Unfortunately I test 5-6 times a day.

    • call the 800 number on the box, that happened to me and they replaced and I sent the other one back at no cost to me

  5. The sensor breaks my arm out, and I don’t know why. Any one else experience this?

  6. I am starting after several years getting irritation on my skin from the sensors.

    Can I put it on another part of my body like my stomach

  7. Do you have to put it in your arm or can you put in your stomach area

    • According to Abbott’s website, sensor placement is not approved for sites other than the back of the arm.

  8. Has anyone experienced higher glucose readings when placing the sensor on different sides. When I place the sensor on my right side my readings are at their usual/normal level but when I place it on my left arm I get higher readings. Just wanted to ask if anyone else has experienced this?

  9. Does anyone else have pain when they flex their arm? I have only had 2 sensors so far, and I did not have much pain on my left arm but I am experiencing pain on the right arm where the needle is. I am right handed. When I say “flex” I only mean that the tricep muscle is flexing because I am stretching or something similar, not weight lifting. Is there a better place on the back of the arm than others? It seems like the needle is so long that it is going into my muscle. Any help is appreciated.

  10. I would prefer to not wear this on my arm. Is it still valid to wear elsewhere on the body? Abdomen for example.

  11. Can you wear the sensor on the outside of your arm?

  12. Is it ok to wear my FreeStyle Libre 2 Sensor on my mastectomy side, where my sentinel lymph nodes were also removed?

    • I don’t know for sure, but most likely it will be fine and not an issue. If you do try it, do some finger sticks to confirm that the readings are close enough.

  13. Is it OK to put my Libre sensor on the arm I sleep on? I’m a side sleeper,

    • Yes, but there is something called compression, and if you see your blood sugar drop out of the blue for no reason with no symptoms when you’re laying on the sensor, check your blood sugar with a meter. Sometimes that happens occasionally (it happens with the Dexcom too). If it does happen, don’t sleep on that arm as best you can. You can also put the sensor in other spots on your arm so your aren’t directly laying on it, like on the back of your arm.

  14. Can I can I put my sensor on the same armEvery time

  15. Can you put the sensor on the side of the arm instead of the back of the arm?

  16. Is there any other locations on the body , other than arms you can place the sensors?

    • In reality you can put it anywhere on the body with subcutaneous tissue, but it’s only FDA approved for wear on the back of your upper arm.

  17. I’ve been wearing my sensor on my thigh for about 6 weeks now, with my doctor’s approval. My readings have been accurate. I discontinued use of the device about 2 years ago because I hated that it showed during the summer. This is a much better solution for me.

  18. I have just started using my free style first sensor didn’t make the 14 days they sent me a replacement sensor and now this one quit working it had 10 days left and it came lose. Is there any suggestions as to how to keep the sensor from coming loose

  19. I have been wearing Libre 14 day for about 6-8 months and I love it, in the past week, I have had to replace my sensor 3 times as it ends abruptly and states to replace. This last one would not work at all. Has anyone had similar problem, am concerned to put on another as not sure if there is a problem with my arm or the sensor and they are very costly for me. I am getting replacements but have to wait for them to arrive. Has anyone had multiple sensors not work and is there something I can do to prevent.

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