Diabetes Device Fashion Show: Stick It Here, Stick It There, Stick It (Almost) Anywhere!

Dr. Edelman and Dr. Pettus have some fun answering one of the most common questions we’re asked…where can you wear your diabetes devices??


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    HAHAHAHAHAHA I HAD A GOOD LAUGH watching your video. Great fashion show.
    I myself use Medtronic sensor with 780G and a Libre for control. The conclusions are that it depends on the sensors individually and not on the sensor’s brand companies. Sometimes Libre is better, sometimes Medtronic’s.
    What are Doctor Endelman’s thoughts about the 5 brands he is using?
    Regards from Portugal

    • I am using the G6 with my HCL system (Looping) and it works well, as it does for others. I have not tried the G7 yet, but will do soon. I also have an Eversense E3 in my left arm and it works really well. Waiting for it to be approved to communicate with my pump. Both are good options. The Libre sensors I do not wear personally, but I prescribe them a lot and they work well. All sensors have their issues. I really do not have any experience with the Medtronic sensor. I have heard it is better than the previous Medtronic sensors. Ask others who are on the system and check online in our type 1 facebook group or other online forums.

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    thank you for doing the style show… I use the libre 2 and I hate putting it on my arm plus when i put my Bra on it tends to remove it or hit. thanks I am trying to see if blue cross blue shield healthselect will over it under medical?

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      Hi Elizabeth,
      Not sure about that specific insurance plan – best to reach out to them directly to check. Hope it’s covered though!

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    Shudda had a boa….

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    Nice to know, the companies don’t give this information on placement of devices, even when asked.

    Which of the sensors Dr. E modeled, works best? I’m interested to know your opinion.

    I tried Dexcome G7, am going back to using G6.

    • They really all have their pluses and minuses. Steve and I use the Dexcom devices because they integrate with our pumps, and currently the pumps haven’t changed to G7 so we use the G6. Also, we have heard anecdotally about a lot of connection issues with the G7 that are supposed to be worked out with a software update, so hang tight.

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    Love the fashion show. We all need a little humor when living with diabetes. Iʻm currently using the Dexcom G7 and have tried out the Libre. They both have their pluses and minuses. But I appreciate you giving alternate sites, especially when the sensor companies donʻt. The arm doesnʻt always work for me as it sometimes comes off when taking off my clothing or if I happen to bump into something at a wrong angle. Iʻll try out the different sites. Thanks again

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      Appreciate your comments. It helps to have options in both sensor, and placement!

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    Love it!!!! So fun. Would love your thoughts/experience with Dexcom 6 versus 7. I saw Carroll’s comment above regarding going back to G6. (Agree!)
    Also, I had Dexcom G6 fall off, maybe pulled off of my back. Called the company for a replacement. They asked me where I was wearing it … I was honest. They said it was only approved for the abdomen. (I called a few days later, “updated” my story and they sent me a replacement.)

    • We have all been there! And yes, that’s the on-label use, so need to report the abdomen as your site 😊

  7. I use a Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pump. Is it possible to move the infusion site to a different area than my stomach?

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    I watch all your videos, and I enjoy them all. I look forward to light-hearted, relatable, informative, and entertaining material… from you both. I laughed at the belt removal sound effect the most🤣. I use G6 and now do the Dr. P style (leg) and it’s great! I can’t wait until I qualify for the new Tandem Mobi.

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      Thanks Karen! Really appreciate it, and you may have coined a new term…Dr. P Style!

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    Sorry to bring up an old post. Can I use the same physical location each time with 2” adjustments if I’m not having a negative reaction to the adhesive?

    Thank you.

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