Dexcom G7: Get Ready for the Next Gen

The Dexcom G6 was a game-changer, as it was the first CGM to end the daily torture of finger pricks. The G6 has only been out for a couple of years, but we’re still anxiously awaiting the release of the G7, which is expected to start launching later this year.

How will the G7 be different than the G6?

  • The G7 will be about 60% smaller than the G6 – slimmer, more svelte, and easier to disguise under clothing so you can dig out your skin-tight leather pants and flaunt your spandex bike shorts worry-free.
  • The G7 will have a simplified application and a faster sensor warm-up time. If you’re like me and your sensor often conks out right before bed, you won’t be disconnected from your CGM for as long at an inconvenient time.
  • The transmitter and sensor on the G7 will be combined. It will be a fully disposable unit so you can toss everything at once.
  • Dexcom is currently conducting trials with the G7 on multiple wear locations including the abdomen and upper arm, so those of us who have been wearing the G6 all over our bodies illegally will be able to rejoin the rest of the diabetes rule-following civilized society.
  • The G7 will have a longer wear time (probably around two weeks or so), although the exact number of days is still TBD.
  • There will be a brand-new app experience so we can learn even more about our diabetes management. Sometimes we may not want to know, but it’s there if we need it.
  • Dexcom is working with Lilly and Novo Nordisk on collaborations with their smart insulin pen technology for those on MDI.

What features are sticking around?

  • The G7 will still integrate with Tandem’s CIQ, Omnipod DASH and the Omnipod 5 (also launching later this year). It will also still work in conjunction with DIY Looping.
  • Optional calibrations will still be available.
  • The Bluetooth range will still be 20 feet.

Dexcom CGMs have been used in the type 1 population since their inception, but the technology can have great benefits for people living with type 2 as well. Check with your provider and/or health insurance to see if you are a candidate for CGM. With all  the technology we have on the market and more exciting products like the G7 coming down the pike, there’s truly been no better time to have diabetes.

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    Thanks for this info! Are Dexcom/Tandem running any trials with the t:slim+G7? I would love to participate. . .

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    If you have any influence with the Dexcom company, can you mention the adhesive reactions (burning, itching,and scarring on the Dexcom G6 so many of us have had since they changed the make-up of it in December 2019? I hope they really test the adhesive on this new G7 before they launch it.

    • They are definitely aware of this issue, and although it affects a minority of people like yourself, I know they are trying to make better adhesives.

      • Thanks for the response. I am hopeful the adhesive on the G7 will no longer be an issue. I also want to mention how you and Dr. Pettus crack me up! You always put a comedic twist on your videos and articles. I look forward to your monthly e-mail. There truly is a lot of funny aspects of diabetes.

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      I have had the same problem with burning itching not wanting to stay on & trying to get sensor out of plastic device to remove.

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    My major problem is that many of my dexcom sensors konk out on me before 10 days. I am so hoping that the G7 sensors improve upon that problem. I also don’t actually “start” my sensor till it has been attached for 24 hours as the first 24hrs of data are terribly inaccurate (can be off by 100 points) if I start the sensor during the first 24 hours of being attached to my stomach. I do look forward to a new and hopefully improved sensor.

    • Dexcom is very aware of the current sensor issues people are having, and I also hope the G7 is improved in that regard. But thank goodness we have Dexcom and CGMs in general.

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        Totally agree. I still use and rely on mine regardless of issues.

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        I am using a dexcom G6 along with a “in-pen” produced by Companion Medical which Has been sold to Medtronics. I have not heard any comments about using this “in-pen” with the G6.

        I can’t wait for the G7! The G6 has been great but the G7 sounds fabulous.

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      Hey Anita- I used to have the same problem with early sensor deaths and, although not approved in adults, have had great luck getting a full 10 days by inserting in the soft area above my butt on my back (sorta like your kidney area). My day 1 accuracy still sucks like it did on my stomach, but getting 10 days on a sensor and not having to deal with dexcom CS to get replacements makes life better 🙂

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        I just started using this area a few weeks ago and it seems to be doing well. I still don’t start my sensor till I have had it on at least 12 hours and that really helps me with those incorrect numbers on the first day. Thanks for your response. 🙂

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        Always request replacements through the phone app. Much much easier and quicker than calling in.

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    Now if we could have that pesky direct to watch feature we’ve been told about for 4 years 😉 All of the rest of this sounds great!

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    I hope the new G7 has an app that will work on ALL modern Android phones. The present choice of phones are a joke and the little receiver monitor does nothing.

    • All of the intricacies that go into connecting with different phones is very complicated, and we need to be more appreciative of what Dexcom has done and not what they have not done.

  6. Will the battery in the reader last longer than 48 hours before needing a recharge?

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    I do hope they will address the adhesive sensitivity issue as well as accurate readings after insertion of a new device.

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    If this is all true, I am thrilled. I heard on a podcast with the Dexcom CEO that they are sticking with 10 days, but I hope you are right. I’ve also heard that it will take an additional 6 months or so before the G7 integrates with any loop systems. I’ve also heard that DIY loop may not work with the G7. All from people working on it. But I really, really hope you are right about all of this!

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    Will G7 be covered by Medicare upon release?

    • I suspect it will be the same coverage for people on three shots per day, but I’m not sure how long it will take to happen.

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    For all you dexcom/tandem lovers, is it better than Medtronic? I need to make a decision for my very first pump, and I’m going in circles! Thank you so much for your advice…

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      Dexcom’s CGM is so much better, it’s not even a comparison. I have only been a Medtronic customer since my diagnosis in 2008, but I just stopped using a CGM because all my efforts with theirs through the years were so frustrating. The poor accuracy made it simply pointless to use the Medtronic CGM, which also meant I couldn’t take advantage of the 670 fully. I decided to try Dexcom this year and OMG! I am now in the process of switching to Tandem so that I can have an integrated system, but even just having true real-time data with Dexcom G6 makes it all so much better. You will not regret switching, I am SURE!

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        A new Medtronic CGM will be rolling out in 4-6 weeks, I have been told.

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      Tandem/Dexcom is superior to Medtronic in so many ways. I was on Medtronic with their CGM for a year and switched to Tandem a year ago. The difference is amazing. Sure there are a few annoying things with Tandem, but nothing compares to all the times my MT pump would wake me up just to calibrate. When I switched I went for 7 months without a single finger stick.

  11. I am extremely disappointed that the G7 DOES NOT give the option to be used with Basil IQ. My Endo and I both agree that the Control is not for me. It has been documented as to why I cannot do G6 placement on the abdomen and have been having it inserted on my arms. I have also found it to me more in range with the arm placement. Due to carpel tunnel, trigger fingers, and facet syndrome in the Cervical Spine I am unable to do placement independently and rely on other type1 friends to do it for me. I so gratefully appreciate this help but but it does get complicate with scheduling. I would much prefer to do it independently rather than imposing on others. I don’t understand why all Type 1 are being forced to go on Control IQ when it may not be in our best interest.

    • No one really knows at the current time about the G7, but there’s no question that once approved, Dexcom will work quickly to have it communicate with the Tandem pump models. And all type 1s are not being forced to go on Control IQ.

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    Will there be a smart phone attachment to use when strip- testing to synchronize Dexcom? (Like Dario?)

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    The G7 will sync wit the omnipod dash? I am on the regular omnipod and the G6.

    • The Omnipod 5 system is the hybrid closed loop system with Dexcom, so yes it will be integrated.

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        I don’t see Insulet listed as a sponsor of the 5/1 event. Will omnipod be represented somehow? Am I missing a corporate name for them? Thanks!

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          Hi Nancy,
          Unfortunately Insulet/Omnipod will not be attending the May 1st conference.

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    Thank you for this information. I really hope they fix the issue of high blood sugars causing the sensor to fail or to have sensor error readings for hours. I have this issue sometimes but I know kids are having this problem all the time.

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    Hi, does anyone know when the G7 is expected to be approved by FDA and rolled out to consumers? Initially they expected to release it in late 2020. It has been quite delayed.

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    My son started on the Dexcom G5 after 2 years of finger pricks. Life changing! Then it got even better with the G6, which he’s currently using. We hardly have any issues with sensor errors or inaccurate readings unless he’s dehydrated. We can’t wait for the G7! He’s 11 now, so hopefully by his 12th bday in June. That would be a great gift, even though a cure would be even better. Thankful & grateful for these tools!

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      We are too, Angel. They are especially helpful for parents of kids with T1. Happy early birthday to your son!

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    Hello @ all,

    this anybody can help me please:

    how long is the wearing time on the arm? also about 10 days????

    And Is there also a receiver like the G6 or only with a app???

    Best greetz from Germany


    • I would be surprised if it did not have a receiver in addition to the app since not everybody is smart phone savvy. I suspect
      the wear time will be 10 days also, but they have not revealed the official wear time yet. Danke!

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    Technologically all the further improvements sound great, of course, but I worry that the disposable pile from each sensor+transmitter combo will be even larger than the current shameful amount we have to throw out with each change. I know this is not something you (TCOYD) can address, but I feel that Dexcom should be aware. More often than not, I try to extend the life of my G6s is to minimize the waste rather than for any other reason…

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      It’s always good to be environmentally conscious and do what we can, and every little bit helps. 🙂

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      I completely agree. I was very dismayed to see the size of the disposable inserter for the G6. I realize that having a single use device probably decreases the chances of incorrect insertion, but I would have hoped for something reusable. I hope that with a totally disposable sensor and transmitter, dexcom will at least consider a reusable insertion device.

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    I have had type one diabetes since for the last 29 years and it surely has come a long way. I remember the days of mixing R and NPH. Great info Doc!

  20. I’m awaiting my Dexcom g6. I e been reading about the adhesive issues as I am super sensitive to all adhesives pretty much. Currently using the Medtronic guardian, which I hate, and I have to tape it down with hypafix tape. Have seen some good feedback on how to tackle that situation.

    So if I get the g6, when the g7 comes out, will I automatically get that or will I be stuck with the older model. I’m also going to be switching to the Tandem.

    Thank you!

  21. I have been on the G6 since August 2018. This was my first experience CGM despite being a T1 since 1991. The G6 has had a significant impact on my ability to control my A1c’s. Thank you Dexcom.

    The above being said, the failure rate of sensors is frustrating. Even though Dexcom replaces sensors for free the freequency of needing replacements due to sensor failure and related delivery times both are increasing. While Dexcom may advertise, “no more finger sticks”, that isn’t quite true given some of the quality issues with the G6.

    I can only hope the G7 will functionally be an in improvement over the G6.

  22. Good morning. So as a 46 year diabetic, the Dexcom stuff is wonderful. As for the readings being off there are some things you can try.
    1. Drink water. Hydration is important for the interstitial fluid.
    2. Rotate the insertion sites.
    I’m no doctor, but the fact is we develop scar tissue with every insertion. There is a new procedure, that uses ultrasound waves to break up scar tissue. A dermatologist may be the best person to ask if this procedure can be done to address this problem.

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    Oh how I hope I’ll finally be able to wear this iteration. I tried G5 and G6 with horrific results due to my Sensory Processing Disorder. I also hope it works with InPen. The G6 is only approved to share 3hr delayed data to InPen which rendered it majority useless.

    • The way the G7 will give data will not have any effect on your disorder, unfortunately. I also agree the 3-hour delay makes the info fairly unusable, especially in real time. Let’s wait and see what happens when it gets released.

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    Is there any word on G7 Tandem X1 pump software and the Dexcom App making chnages such that the user can modify things like time of day alerts/notifications for things like sensor errors, battery charge levels, insulin remaining, etc…

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    I’ve been using the G6 for a year and a half now. It has been a blessing for sure. But I don’t like walking around with a large lump on my stomach that I am constantly asked about! This new design and size ofbyhe G7 looks amazing. Lookingbforward ti giving it a go when it comes out for sure!!

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    hi dr. Edelman,
    I’m not having much luck with formatting while awaiting checking finger-stick BG testing sometime between 15-seconds and 45 minutes before food service here at the retirement home.
    Was diagnosed with “Juvenile Diabetes” early November 1964 after October cold (CoxsackieB?) and Hallowe’en Candy. Been injecting insulins (best guess 61,000 times since then) and most recently having fully half G6 sensors fail.
    Requirement of changing back to Regular insulin so that I had a prayer of insulin glulisine analog not causing major hypoglycemias before eating AND after digestion. Sometimes both.

    Sorry but your statement “There’s truly been no better time to have diabetes.” makes me squirm. Not like there’s a good time. I often call myself “Cranky Pete” because of bicycle-racing history when they were just inventing energy drinks. Do Team Type 1 and Team Novo Nordisk need sponsors? CrankyTired Pete

    • My mother is in a retirement home, and I feel your pain! Just do the best you can. It sounds like you’re hanging in there. Team Type 1 is a not-for-profit that can always use support. Team Novo can always use sponsors, but they’re typically big companies and not individuals.

  27. The only problem I have is the last 2 transmitters I’ve had are not lasting the 3 months the first one I got this year only lasted 40 days. It took me a month to get a replacement the one I’m wearing now gave me a message the it would be out in 2 weeks so it only lasted 2months. HELP!!!

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    Hello Does anybody know if the g7 will be contraindicated with Hydroxyurea? im a G6/tslim control iq user. Love the system and hate to not be able to depend on the g6 accuracy

    • A patient of mine has the same issue, and he wears both a FreeStyle Libre and a Dexcom CGM, and between them both he gets pretty close to the real actual value.

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    Can you tell me, or direct me to where can find out, why they chose to combine the transmitter and the sensor? Will the transmitters have shorter lifespan now?

    It made sense having them separate since they last three months while the sensors are 10 days each.

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      Hi Drea,
      If you’d like more background info on why Dexcom decided to make those changes, your best bet would be go to directly to Dexcom. Try their customer care line at 888-738-3646.

  30. I am type 2 for 35 years. It has been 1 year that I began an insulin for insulin resistance and it is working. I have the Decom 6, and stopped using because it was hard to place the needle. Do you think they will come out with one that I can just place on my arm like the Free Style. I test my sugars 4x a day and sometime 5.

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      Dexcom is working on getting approval for arm placement with the G7.

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      You can certainly use the G6 on your arm even if that site is not formally authorized. I only use it there and so do countless other people with diabetes. (Although I don’t quite follow why abdomen — the authorized site — is harder for you than arm. I find it technically easier to do on the rare occasions when I choose to place my sensor there. But I like the arm since it’s more “out of the way” while wearing it.)

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    my teenage daughter can’t get the dexcom or libre to stay on more than 3-4 days. we’ve tried many adhesives, tacky, alcohol wipes, etc.

    my brother uses dexcom too but has to remove it for any sports because if people bump into it it twists in his skin and/or falls off.

    we love the technology and look forward to trying the g7 but it doesn’t work if it doesn’t stay on. will g7 have different, better adhesive?

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      Dexcom has been working on adhesive improvements and from what we know, the G7 will have a different adhesive than the G6. Hope it will work better for your family members!

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    Will it connect to more than two devices? Looking forward to be able to pair it with the watch (without needing the phone)… I’d love my daughter to be able to ditch her phone and be able to share her numbers from her watch.

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    I have a G6 receiver with a cracked screen. Are there any repair facilities for glass replacement?

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