How to Deal: Diabetes Complications

No matter how long you have had type 1 diabetes, complications are something we all fear.  You might be complication free but waiting for that dreaded shoe to drop, or you might be dealing with multiple complications and struggling with the guilt and blame.  This talk is structured as a group therapy session for type 1s that want to talk about what we all are trying to avoid.  Leave your judgment and blame at the door for this emotional ride.

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    I had to go on 3 months of vancomycin due to a knee infection I got from being at the beach a week after surgery. It damaged my kidneys and every one blames my diabetes.It does get me so upset. I know diabetes causes kidney damage but I am so tired of people-doctors- blaming the diabetes. I feel like when you have it that is all they look and nothing else. It is so depressing. I do fuss at them but I am getting tired of it. We

    • Hi Cheryl,
      We understand your feelings and obviously diabetes can effect the kidneys. To be sure, you really should see a kidney specialist who knows alot about diabetic kidney disease and take any preventative measures they suggest to prevent future damage.

  2. so im doing a school project and i would like to know what the difference between diabetes one and two and how they affect you body.

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