Concerned about Needles? Try the Simplicity of Once-Weekly Trulicity


Trulicity offers a simple, once-weekly way to control type 2 diabetes and prevent cardiovascular disease (CVD) or help with existing CVD. This GLP-1 RA acts in many ways to help achieve glucose control and a healthier self. Trulicity is simply administered, you don’t ever see a needle and it doesn’t cause weight gain.

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Counting Sheep & Losing Sleep: The Link Between Diabetes and Sleep Apnea

If you’ve ever “accidentally” elbowed your partner in the ribs because he or she snores like a bulldozer, sleep apnea may actually be the culprit. Diabetes PA Chris Sadler shares his own experience with sleep apnea, and he explains the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options available.

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Vascular Complications: No Thanks, I’ll Pass!

The blood vessels in your body are like the pipes running through your home. The whole vascular system is the pipeline through which blood travels, carrying oxygen and nutrients to tissues. Chronically high blood sugar, high cholesterol and high blood pressure can cause damage to the walls of these ‘pipes’ leading to vascular complications, but these types of complications can be prevented.

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