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A Debate: Pumps vs. Daily Injections

The conclusion of this debate will be that it comes down to personal choice, but Dr. Edelman will be battling it out with Dr. Irl, his type 1 brother. Expect a lively exchange of information on the pros and cons for each form of therapy. It is important to know this is a real debate that will make y

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How to Deal: Diabetes Complications

No matter how long you have had type 1 diabetes, complications are something we all fear.  You might be complication free but waiting for that dreaded shoe to drop, or you might be dealing with multiple complications and struggling with the guilt and blame.  This talk is structured as a group therap


Insulin Pumps: All You Need to Know

If you are new to a pump or want to hear about new pump options, this is where you need to be.  We will talk about the advantages of pump therapy and most importantly how to get the right pump for you.  We will also touch on how much (if anything) can a pump be expected to lower your A1c and what a

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Treatments for Type 1 Other Than Insulin

Sure type 1s will always need insulin to treat their disease, but is their anything else out there to take that can help us keep our blood sugars in control.  The answer is frankly, yes.  Come learn about other medications already approved and being studied that can help lower blood sugars, improve

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Do You Love Someone With Type 1?

Living with type 1 diabetes isn’t just hard for the person living with the disease, but it can be hard for their loved ones as well.  If you have ever wondered how to not have an argument when your spouse is low, or how to suggest foods to eat without nagging or being the diabetes police, then this

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Coming Soon: The Artificial Pancreas

Can you imagine wearing an artificial pancreas in the year 2018? Well, we have the panel of all panels regarding all the current developments in the artificial pancreas space. These worldwide leaders and superstars who are on the cutting edge represent and have done research on the multiple AP syste

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Balancing Type 1: A Conversation About Finding Happiness

Balancing Diabetes: A Conversation About Finding Happiness and Living Well Keri Sparling is one of a kind. Living with type 1 since she was six years old, she is an excellent writer, the ultimate blogger, mother of two young ones and a sharp-witted individual who gets it…not to mention being a so

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Accelerating Type 1 Research

T1D Exchange: Accelerating Research for Improved Outcomes The T1D Exchange is the single best source of data on those of us with type 1. Henry will share incredibly interesting and important information, including details, about our type 1 tribe: How old are we? What is our typical age at diagnos

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We’ve Come A Long Way: The Progression of Type 1 Diabetes

There is no one more passionate than Aaron, who has lived with type 1 since he was a kid, growing up alongside his brother who also has type 1. Aaron will shine a bright light on the incredible history of type 1 diabetes, from where it all began to where you can expect things to go in terms of treat

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Dr. Edelman Gets Personal

A rare chance to hear Dr. Steve Edelman's personal story of life with type 1. You’ll have a few laughs and walk away with memorable tips, tricks and antidotes from this key opinion leader who has truly changed the face of diabetes education and advocacy for people living with the disease. His closin