Power from Your Peers

Roni Zeiger, MD – doctor and software developer – built a smarter way to connect patients with personalized peer support online. Now you can easily – and safely – crowdsource your diabetes questions on this unique platform.

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Why My Husband’s Colonoscopy Scared the Crap Out of Me Too

In our house, this year has been a season of firsts, though none of them are things we’d want to post about on Facebook: receiving AARP invites, getting comfortable saying the “F” word in public (“I’m Fifty”) and having mandatory medical exams below the waist.

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Not Sure You’re Ready to Dive into an Online Diabetes Community?
We Can Help!

Diabetes can be an overwhelming and often very lonely condition to tackle. It’s something we can’t just turn off or deal with later; it’s there 24/7 and it can be hard for the people around us to truly understand what it’s like. But you are not alone! There’s a global diabetes community ready to support you, and you can participate as much or as little as you like.

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