A New Diabetes Care Company Is on the Scene

embecta diabetes

There’s a new kid on the block in the diabetes management space – embecta. Formerly part of BD, who introduced the world’s first specialized insulin syringe in 1924, embecta plans to empower people with diabetes to live their best life through educational initiatives, product refreshes, and new product developments.

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Dexcom G7 Gets the Green Light in Europe, and FreeStyle Libre 3 Available via NHS in the UK

Dexcom G7 and FreeStyle Libre 3

Dexcom’s G7 just received CE Mark approval in Europe, with a limited launch expected in the coming weeks. Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre 3 has been available in parts of Europe already, but it is now available for use via the NHS Supply Chain Framework in the UK and under existing eligibility criteria for real-time CGM. Here are the highlights of both systems.

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