How to Reduce Diabetes Medication Costs

how to save on diabetes medications

Some of the most beneficial medications to manage chronic diseases like diabetes are extremely expensive. UCSD pharmacist Natalie Halanski offers ideas and resources that can offer potential cost savings, including copay cards, prescription medication coupons, patient assistance foundations, extra help for Medicare, and insulin value programs.

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TCOYD Champions: David and Barbara Groce

TCOYD Champions David and Barbara Groce

David and Barbara Groce have dedicated much of their lives to service to others…as teachers in and out of the classroom, volunteer youth leaders, board members, and patrons of education. Since both were diagnosed with diabetes, they have been fervent supporters of TCOYD and diabetes education in order to help others gain access to the latest information and resources available.

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Medications and Other Treatment Options to Reduce Complications from Type 2 Diabetes

SGLT2s and type 2 diabetes treatment options

We are fortunate to have many medications today to treat type 2 diabetes. Beyond improving glucose levels, some of these medications also have beneficial effects on other conditions that are common in people with type 2, such as heart failure and diabetic kidney disease.

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A Dose of Dr. E: The Best Low Calorie Drinks

Some people think “diet” automatically means “blech” when it comes to low calorie drinks, but we’ve come a long way since Tab and Fresca. Dr. E shares 10 diabetes-friendly beverages, from his favorite flavored water to the drink Dr. P drives miles for on the reg. Save your carbs for donuts, and sip on these instead!

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