Demystifying Health Insurance Part 2: The Three Ds of Selecting a Plan

The 3Ds of Health Insurance for People with Diabetes

The three Ds in a diabetes health plan are: Doctors, Drugs and Devices. Does your plan cover what you need? George Huntley of has been living with T1D for nearly 40 years and is an insurance expert and advocate for people with diabetes. He explains how to determine if your doctors, drugs and devices are covered in your plan, and what you can do if they aren’t.

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Demystifying Health Insurance Part 1: How to Pick a Plan with the Lowest Total Cost

How to pick a health insurance plan

Do the words “health insurance” make you break out into a cold sweat? Are cold sweats covered in your health insurance plan?? In part one of a three-part series on demystifying health insurance, George Huntley, CEO of the Diabetes Leadership Council, offers tips on how to pick a plan with the lowest total cost to you.

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