How to Deal: Diabetes Complications

No matter how long you have had type 1 diabetes, complications are something we all fear.  You might be complication free but waiting for that dreaded shoe to drop, or you might be dealing with multiple complications and struggling with the guilt and blame.  This talk is structured as a group therapy session for type 1s that want to talk about what we all are trying to avoid.  Leave your judgment and blame at the door for this emotional ride.

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Do You Love Someone With Type 1?

iving with type 1 diabetes isn’t just hard for the person living with the disease, but it can be hard for their loved ones as well.  If you have ever wondered how to not have an argument when your spouse is low, or how to suggest foods to eat without nagging or being the diabetes police, then this talk is for you. It’s like diabetes couples therapy.

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8 Tips for Sexual Satisfaction

Many diabetes-related complications are commonly known and openly discussed, but when it comes to sex, many people still clam up.

Discussing sexual issues with your partner and/or doctor can be awkward at first, but the benefits are well worth it. There are lots of different types of treatment options available which can positively impact not only your sex life, but your overall health as well.

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