The Lit Leprechaun

Alcoholic Smoothie

Sure, those traditional McMinty green shakes are fun to indulge in around St. Paddy’s Day, but we always felt they were missing a little something…like vodka. Here’s our take on a boozy shamrock shake that we think is a slam drunk – er, dunk.

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Dr. P Got Covid…His Most Surprising Symptom and Advice If You Get Sick

Dr. Pettus' COVID experience

Dr. P got candid about his recent experience getting COVID. He opened up about how it made him feel – emotionally as well as physically – and he talked about his weirdest and most predominant symptom. He discussed how COVID affected his diabetes, and he offered firsthand advice on what to do if you get sick.

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My New Lease on Life

Living a longer life with T1D

Keep your eyes peeled for Dr. Pettus parachuting into your backyard with glee in response to the results of a study on mortality rates and type 1. You might want to start saving now for pickleball paddles and your dream retirement custom RV…living a long life with T1D is lookin’ good!

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