Glucagon Saved Our Butts: Dr E. & Dr. P. Share Their Personal Scares

If two smart, good-looking, accomplished endocrinologists can have dicey episodes of severe hypoglycemia, anyone can. Dr. E and Dr. P talk about what happened when they each went so low they had to break into their emergency glucagon. They discuss the newest, easy-to-use glucagon options and share what’s coming down the pike.

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Concerned about Needles? Try the Simplicity of Once-Weekly Trulicity


Trulicity offers a simple, once-weekly way to control type 2 diabetes and prevent cardiovascular disease (CVD) or help with existing CVD. This GLP-1 RA acts in many ways to help achieve glucose control and a healthier self. Trulicity is simply administered, you don’t ever see a needle and it doesn’t cause weight gain.

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Counting Sheep & Losing Sleep: The Link Between Diabetes and Sleep Apnea

If you’ve ever “accidentally” elbowed your partner in the ribs because he or she snores like a bulldozer, sleep apnea may actually be the culprit. Diabetes PA Chris Sadler shares his own experience with sleep apnea, and he explains the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options available.

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